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Me holding the script

This drama is a lot of fun.
I haven’t actually seen it properly (only now and then because its before SMAP xSMAP) but making it was very exciting.
I played a VERY VERY VERY small part of Susanna – Kikuchi kun’s foreign girlfriend. I had no idea that I was supposed to fight against two Japanese girls in a scene, at least it wasn’t written in the script book so I was pretty shocked when one girl knocked me off my feet.
Before the director took a “honban” scene we had to practice fighting which took a lot of energy and was for real minus they fact that every time the director said stopped we apologized like crazy to each other.
I actually had my hand scrached at yesterday’s shooting where we were shooting the second fight. The director said I am fighting like a victim so during the second fight I really kicked that girl who was screaming dirty Kansai words at me. ^-^
They will show it in tonight’s show and also next week! ^-^