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Tribeca jazz live in Shinagawa

Tribeca is a cozy live space restaurant in renowed NY style Atre complex in Shinagawa station. I used to have clients in Shinagawa so quite often I went there for some bagels and brownies after the meetings.

Jazz was performed by piano and bass and various guest vocalists including Gow!! Her performance wasn’t scheduled so it came to her and to us as a total surprise!!!She was invited on stage and just like that gave the best performance of the evening! It was so professional!!! She is a natural performer, not just singer. She communicates with audience so easily like all of them are her best friends! I really enjoyed it!!!o(^∇^)o

Hot like salsa!

And dare to say we’re not! ^-^
Yesterday’s evening was all about bum shaking!! I went to my first official lesson of Salsa at Roppongi’s club Baron. That was so great!!! In one hour me, Gow, Lille, Darlae (little Korean daredevil) and Lisa (French girl who looks like Alanis Morrissette) learned three basic steps (mambo, montura and rumba) and two cool thingies called Passiela (an underarm turn) and Dile que no which is cross body lead and quite essential for the Cuban salsa style.
And yes, we had to dance with the boys!!!(ノ>▽<。)ノ
Ah…yeah, you do! Somehow at first I thought that we will only learn some moves like in samba where you can dance in a group of many people and dont need to interact with anyone in particular! But salsa and especially cuban style salsa is apparently all about the interaction!
Of course I freaked at first but it turned out to be so much fun!!! I love dancing with the partner! Can’t wait to do it again!

On the photo that is me without any day long consumed calories! The girl with the hot body is our Salsa sensei Sarah!

Retro flashback in Ebisu

On Sunday afternoon my friend Hiro took another great pictures of me in Ebisu Garden Place. I really like the colors and the atmosphere of the pictures.


He can really find a moment!! I decided to go with the retro look I often saw in my grandma’s photo album (French beret, lowcut highheeled boots, wool skirt with very defined waist line and oversized long scarf). I could do more with the hair but then again drinking with Gow the night before shooting didnt help very much to the preparations…^-^

Triple G – a formula of disaster

First G (Greenhouse gases such as CO2) is a weapon of mass destruction as it threatens the only thing that is an unconditional neccessity to the entire everything else – our ability to live;
The release of first G into the Earth atmosphere leads to the second G (Global warming). With our oblivion to the problem and denial of the scary reality, in 10 to 50 years we will be facing the third G (Geographical redraw) as many islands including the islands of Japan and New York will be covered with water.
So if you think that Islamic extremists are the only terrorists on the Earth, think twice!
By thinking that it is above us to recycle, save electricity, walk instead of driving or buy hybrid car instead of superior sports car, we will make our children learn about polar bears and New York skyline out of history books…
I am so lucky that my boyfriend and Japan’s life style made me address Global warming problem earlier than my family who still throws away plastic with glass, food and paper and sometimes not into the garbage can. Now I can teach them to be wiser and quit the waste and I hope that in near future we all will be aware of this problem that is way bigger than anything else.
Last sunday I went to see Al Gore’s documentary “An inconvenient truth” that just terrified me. In addition to everything I already new it actually gave me some idea of the timeline before the nature strikes us.
The movie also revealed to me that we are not about to enter the era of concequences, we are already in it and everything horrible that was happening with the nature for the last decade has been a teeny tiny preview of what’s coming…

Holidays at home

I’ve spent a great week with my family! Every time I come they make my time home so special I don’t want to go back to Tokyo…
My brother got me so many presents and tickets to Opera in Mariinskiy theatre! He also took me and my mom to the movies and karaoke and endless restaurants!
On Christmas we went to Tallion casino club on Moyka river and had pancakes with caviar, mushroom soup, ousters, grilled rabbit and many other things.

My father used to take me there every sunday for branch in my senior year at University. The place hasn’t changed since, still has the same smell of lillies, the same neo empire style, same food… ^-^

And I could finally see the little puppy – baby of my mom’s dog! She is so funny and so smart! I call her Ophelia because she is a little crazy too! ^-^


Last sunday Gow took me to see play in Ginza performed by innerchild theatrical group and our common friend Haruka Orth.
Tha play “アメノクニ” was too difficult to understand without thorough knowledge of Japanese language and history but the visual part was great!!
The stage and costumes were in a sort of traditional radical Japanese style, moves of actors were choreographed and synced with music.The story was about a court historian whom a task to create a history for the country was laid upon.Then the country tried to live that history sometimes changing the events so that it would match it.
The historian was suffering from his own conscience agonizing between what is truth and what is lie but eventually he understood that not all truth is good and not all lie is bad.
Haruka played a role of emperor’s general in a form of English teacher. ^-^ That was very original!

S Novim godom!

Happy New Year guys!!!!
New Year’s eve I spent countdown with Gow in Chinatown! We had a nice dinner at her friend’s restaurant (we were the only customers because it was closed for family celebration!) and then had drinks and darts at another friend’s bar.

While we were walking in between Gow’s friends places we’ve met a dozen of other friends of her! It’s like the whole town knows Gow! Unbelievable! Then we went to watch coutndown dance of lions and dragons! It was beautiful! I had the best time!

The next day I headed for Narita and flew back home with only three other people in the cabin! I could use all the seats around me and sleep almost like in a real bed!
Now I am at home with my family! Every time I go home and see my old room I feel like I never left! There are a lot of changes around but my room is still the same! It’s like the time stopped there and everytime I am there I feel like 20 again! ^-^
Here are my 2007 resolutions (some of them are the ones I didnt achieve in 2006):
1. Be nice to people! (my goal is to love all people but better take it slow, step by step);
2. Take care of my family (since I ran away to Japan my little brother is taking care of everything so I am gonna do more efforts towards him and my mom);
3. Save money (which is shop less! I am gonna distinguish wants from needs and try to avoid shopping districts and sales which requires real bravery coz its sales everywhere now!!!!);
4. Study Japanese (this year is gonna be the year I take national Japanese exam so I have to study kanji and grammar every day);
5. Less pc, tv and games (I spend too much time watching tv series and playing games! I can use this time for study!);
6. Do sports and eat healthy (last year I lost 2 kgs permanently just by eating healthy, I can do more this year!);
7. Learn to let go (It’s hard for my kind though but I’ll start with not getting angry at people in the train, people with umbrellas, people who push me, people who play stupid, people…wait I am getting angry just by thinking about it….calm down girl!);
8. Go to church at least once a month (or read Bible when I can’t…Without doind so I am becoming real bitch!);
9. Take care of my hair (I will do my best to cure it, make it all shiny and strong again);
10. Do whatever possible to get Take That concert tickets for this year’s world tour!!!