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S Novim godom!

Happy New Year guys!!!!
New Year’s eve I spent countdown with Gow in Chinatown! We had a nice dinner at her friend’s restaurant (we were the only customers because it was closed for family celebration!) and then had drinks and darts at another friend’s bar.

While we were walking in between Gow’s friends places we’ve met a dozen of other friends of her! It’s like the whole town knows Gow! Unbelievable! Then we went to watch coutndown dance of lions and dragons! It was beautiful! I had the best time!

The next day I headed for Narita and flew back home with only three other people in the cabin! I could use all the seats around me and sleep almost like in a real bed!
Now I am at home with my family! Every time I go home and see my old room I feel like I never left! There are a lot of changes around but my room is still the same! It’s like the time stopped there and everytime I am there I feel like 20 again! ^-^
Here are my 2007 resolutions (some of them are the ones I didnt achieve in 2006):
1. Be nice to people! (my goal is to love all people but better take it slow, step by step);
2. Take care of my family (since I ran away to Japan my little brother is taking care of everything so I am gonna do more efforts towards him and my mom);
3. Save money (which is shop less! I am gonna distinguish wants from needs and try to avoid shopping districts and sales which requires real bravery coz its sales everywhere now!!!!);
4. Study Japanese (this year is gonna be the year I take national Japanese exam so I have to study kanji and grammar every day);
5. Less pc, tv and games (I spend too much time watching tv series and playing games! I can use this time for study!);
6. Do sports and eat healthy (last year I lost 2 kgs permanently just by eating healthy, I can do more this year!);
7. Learn to let go (It’s hard for my kind though but I’ll start with not getting angry at people in the train, people with umbrellas, people who push me, people who play stupid, people…wait I am getting angry just by thinking about it….calm down girl!);
8. Go to church at least once a month (or read Bible when I can’t…Without doind so I am becoming real bitch!);
9. Take care of my hair (I will do my best to cure it, make it all shiny and strong again);
10. Do whatever possible to get Take That concert tickets for this year’s world tour!!!

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