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Last sunday Gow took me to see play in Ginza performed by innerchild theatrical group and our common friend Haruka Orth.
Tha play “アメノクニ” was too difficult to understand without thorough knowledge of Japanese language and history but the visual part was great!!
The stage and costumes were in a sort of traditional radical Japanese style, moves of actors were choreographed and synced with music.The story was about a court historian whom a task to create a history for the country was laid upon.Then the country tried to live that history sometimes changing the events so that it would match it.
The historian was suffering from his own conscience agonizing between what is truth and what is lie but eventually he understood that not all truth is good and not all lie is bad.
Haruka played a role of emperor’s general in a form of English teacher. ^-^ That was very original!

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