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Holidays at home

I’ve spent a great week with my family! Every time I come they make my time home so special I don’t want to go back to Tokyo…
My brother got me so many presents and tickets to Opera in Mariinskiy theatre! He also took me and my mom to the movies and karaoke and endless restaurants!
On Christmas we went to Tallion casino club on Moyka river and had pancakes with caviar, mushroom soup, ousters, grilled rabbit and many other things.

My father used to take me there every sunday for branch in my senior year at University. The place hasn’t changed since, still has the same smell of lillies, the same neo empire style, same food… ^-^

And I could finally see the little puppy – baby of my mom’s dog! She is so funny and so smart! I call her Ophelia because she is a little crazy too! ^-^

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