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Triple G – a formula of disaster

First G (Greenhouse gases such as CO2) is a weapon of mass destruction as it threatens the only thing that is an unconditional neccessity to the entire everything else – our ability to live;
The release of first G into the Earth atmosphere leads to the second G (Global warming). With our oblivion to the problem and denial of the scary reality, in 10 to 50 years we will be facing the third G (Geographical redraw) as many islands including the islands of Japan and New York will be covered with water.
So if you think that Islamic extremists are the only terrorists on the Earth, think twice!
By thinking that it is above us to recycle, save electricity, walk instead of driving or buy hybrid car instead of superior sports car, we will make our children learn about polar bears and New York skyline out of history books…
I am so lucky that my boyfriend and Japan’s life style made me address Global warming problem earlier than my family who still throws away plastic with glass, food and paper and sometimes not into the garbage can. Now I can teach them to be wiser and quit the waste and I hope that in near future we all will be aware of this problem that is way bigger than anything else.
Last sunday I went to see Al Gore’s documentary “An inconvenient truth” that just terrified me. In addition to everything I already new it actually gave me some idea of the timeline before the nature strikes us.
The movie also revealed to me that we are not about to enter the era of concequences, we are already in it and everything horrible that was happening with the nature for the last decade has been a teeny tiny preview of what’s coming…

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