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Snowflake & gypsy

Me and Gow chan had a shooting yesterday. I had this beautiful white makeup with Swarovski stones that made me look like a frozen snowflake! I really liked it coz I have never tried anything like that before. Gow chan had disco gypsy kind of look which was so perfect for her! Can’t wait to see the pictures!!!!ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

Nat and Gow modeling as Snowflake and gypsy

Some decades later, here is the final picture.



I spent last sunday in Yokohama driving with Gow. She took me to see Dreamgirls. I just loved it! So easy to see and listen, beautiful story and actors and costumes. Everything was musical perfect! I love this kind of movies. It’s like a song – you can listen-watch it again and again! Jennifer Hudson – the American idol graduate was playing difficult but talanted Effie and she won an oscar for that part two days ago! She was really good and her voice is so powerful! She can easily outsing many established music icons!

Gow oden
After that Gow took me to a beach near Seaside paradise. It was only a couple of degrees outside but so beautiful with city skyline reflecting in the water. I love winter sea with no people around and all that cold stillness, harmony..

 Nat oden

We ate oden sitting on the stones which was so funny coz from the side we looked like a couple of homeless girls wrapped in rug and eating out of convinient store’s bag..(* ̄ー ̄)

Great discovery!

Bare minerals

I have discovered great new foundation thanks to Laura. It’s a microscopic powder made of minerals that conceals great and stays on all day without caking the skin. Plus its all natural minerals so you can even sleep in it. It not only covers the face but also treats it!
This coming from a skeptic like me is hard to believe but it’s true. I absolutelly love it! And now it takes me only about 20 seconds to cover up the entire face whereas with my old Helena Rubinstein liquid foundation it took me the whole 5 minutes. Its a bliss finding this “Bare minerals” foundation especially because I had a fight with HR people and I don’t wanna go there anymore. ^-^

Blackwood on fire!

Ebony and moi 

Our chili hot Ebony is unfortunatelly leaving us for at least three years as she decided to get a degree in Melbourne university. So last saturday we had a hot mexican farewell party for a hot Australian girl!

Garthe and Marieme

Unfortunatelly not many people could come which is quite a pity coz we had so much fun!

Pete and Marieme

Just before leaving she made a tattoo on her hand that says “Ebony” (Blackwood) in Arabic. She said she looked it up in the dictionary and asked the tatto artist to copy it on her hand which was quite funny as those online dictionaries can give you very unexpected results! She didnt even check it with native speaker beforehand! For all we know, it could be just some Arabic gibberish written in her hand! But tattoo looked pretty cool!I wish I had the guts to have one but with all these anti tattoo rules in Japanese gyms I would just doom myself into the kindom of cellulite.(>へ<)