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Blackwood on fire!

Ebony and moi 

Our chili hot Ebony is unfortunatelly leaving us for at least three years as she decided to get a degree in Melbourne university. So last saturday we had a hot mexican farewell party for a hot Australian girl!

Garthe and Marieme

Unfortunatelly not many people could come which is quite a pity coz we had so much fun!

Pete and Marieme

Just before leaving she made a tattoo on her hand that says “Ebony” (Blackwood) in Arabic. She said she looked it up in the dictionary and asked the tatto artist to copy it on her hand which was quite funny as those online dictionaries can give you very unexpected results! She didnt even check it with native speaker beforehand! For all we know, it could be just some Arabic gibberish written in her hand! But tattoo looked pretty cool!I wish I had the guts to have one but with all these anti tattoo rules in Japanese gyms I would just doom myself into the kindom of cellulite.(>へ<)

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