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I spent last sunday in Yokohama driving with Gow. She took me to see Dreamgirls. I just loved it! So easy to see and listen, beautiful story and actors and costumes. Everything was musical perfect! I love this kind of movies. It’s like a song – you can listen-watch it again and again! Jennifer Hudson – the American idol graduate was playing difficult but talanted Effie and she won an oscar for that part two days ago! She was really good and her voice is so powerful! She can easily outsing many established music icons!

Gow oden
After that Gow took me to a beach near Seaside paradise. It was only a couple of degrees outside but so beautiful with city skyline reflecting in the water. I love winter sea with no people around and all that cold stillness, harmony..

 Nat oden

We ate oden sitting on the stones which was so funny coz from the side we looked like a couple of homeless girls wrapped in rug and eating out of convinient store’s bag..(* ̄ー ̄)

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