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Last night Gow chan invited me to view my first sakura this year in Wadabori park in Asagaya. We spent more than 20 minutes looking for a place but it was worth it because the sakura trees were so tall and all lighten up by lanterns. It was also warm comparing with my first sakura viewing last year where I still wore my down jacket. I really enjoyed it because the warm spring wind gives me such tranquillity and easiness and anticipation of great things to happen! ^-^


The war is lost!

 Vaio T model

 Yes, I did loose a long and painful “Do-not-give-into-Vaio” war!.. After so many years of being faithful to Toshiba and knowing every single reason why I shoudn’t buy Vaio I finally bought one! I just couldn’t deny the fact that among all super light, super slim, super mobile notebook PCs – Sony Vaio is simply the best!

 Vaio T model

My new PC is so light and slim, I can easily put it into my Marc Jacobs bag and won’t even feel uncomfortable! Plus it is so stylish with stylish cute accessories (yep, I bought them too)! Now, I would have been so smart to buy my type T model with Windows XP but as in most cases I didn’t think properly..Windows Vista is a mess! Upgrade of OS is supposed to be better, lighter, faster! What is up with Vista? It loads 3 minutes 20 seconds – incredibly long! My former iMac OS X loaded 15 seconds at its worst times! And Vaio has so many background software that runs simultaneously and clogs my memory! Plus it is Sony which means it really really really doesn’t like any DVD that hasn’t been officially published in Japan. It freezes sometimes when I play my home made DVDs and of course can’t play any import DVDs. So I am rather confused! I like it a lot but I had no idea that Windows Vista is oh so not right for a mobile PC at the moment! It is slow and stubborn even though I haven’t installed any monsterous software like Adobe yet. The PC itself is quite powerful (Core solo U1500(1.33 GHz), 2Gb memory) but new OS is definitelly a wait-for-all-the-bugs-to-be-fixed material..


Take that

After 13 years I finally did it! I met TT guys!
Last saturday I could finally meet all of them at once at Tokyo FM in Shibuya. I was in the first row so the guys could see me and say Hi. Howard even took my picture! ( ok, of me and the other fans)..They were so close and so friendly. Gary winked at me! I dont suppose he recognized me tough…Annoying 16 years old Russian fan with red hair has little to do with me now, hehe..I met him 10 years ago while I was studying in London, him and Robbie but never the other guys.

 Gary Barlow

I wonder how the secret live went.. Howard was complaining that there were no fans at the hotel waiting for them. If he could only give us a hint where they are staying!

Howard Donald
Outside I chatted a little bit with TT bodyguard. He spotted me waiting and came out to talk. He was very nice and friendly. Of course he didn’t give me any information on where the guys might be after the radio show but he promised to say Hi to them from me and let me stay and wait for them to come out!Thanks to him I could take nice picture of Howard! ^-^