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Take that

After 13 years I finally did it! I met TT guys!
Last saturday I could finally meet all of them at once at Tokyo FM in Shibuya. I was in the first row so the guys could see me and say Hi. Howard even took my picture! ( ok, of me and the other fans)..They were so close and so friendly. Gary winked at me! I dont suppose he recognized me tough…Annoying 16 years old Russian fan with red hair has little to do with me now, hehe..I met him 10 years ago while I was studying in London, him and Robbie but never the other guys.

 Gary Barlow

I wonder how the secret live went.. Howard was complaining that there were no fans at the hotel waiting for them. If he could only give us a hint where they are staying!

Howard Donald
Outside I chatted a little bit with TT bodyguard. He spotted me waiting and came out to talk. He was very nice and friendly. Of course he didn’t give me any information on where the guys might be after the radio show but he promised to say Hi to them from me and let me stay and wait for them to come out!Thanks to him I could take nice picture of Howard! ^-^

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