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Easter at the Holy Ressurection Cathedral


As every year it was a very beautiful service packed with Russian and Greek people whom you can see only once a year on easter. This time I didn’t have sma-station so I could come quite early to buy colored eggs and easter cake – common easter treats that get purified during service by the highest in rank priest. Every time He sprinkles holy water around the tables loaded with easter offerings He behaves like a baby overwhelmed with joy – jumps and laughs and congratulates people around with the most important day in Christian live.

 Easter purification ceremony

After the service which starts at 11:30 on saturday and ends at 3:30 on sunday we usually have public feast with all the food that every Christian was not supposed to eat for two months before easter. 4 years ago when I actually did fast for the first time in my live, easter feast was such a bliss! I still remember what it felt like having starbucks caramel macciato after not drinking milk for two months!
Anyway, this year I didn’t make it to the feast because a. I didn’t fast that hard hence I didn’t deserve the feast and b. it was raining and before I knew it I was standing outside the church soaked to my bones with rattling sounds coming from my throat so I took off before the end of service..Luckily I didn’t catch cold and still got to enjoy my purified easter treats!

Easter eggs

Legong Kuntul by Mia

Yesterday I went to see Mia’s bali dance performance in Yokohama. That was incredible! She had a leading role in a dance called Legong Kuntul – a beautiful three dancers play with amazing costumes and settings.

 Legong Kuntul dance

I always knew she was talanted and professional dancer (I could judge from her performance in Favella last year) but really I watched her with my mouth open the entire time. It was almost hard to believe that she can move different parts of her body in a different way so simultaneously! She opened and closed her straight fingers while moving palms to the right and hands to the left! Such control of a movement is so beyond my comprehension! Way to do it, Mia chan! I really enjoyed it!

Mia and me after performance

Spring in Yokosuka

On Saturday I went for a drive to Yokosuka to a national park located at the top of the hill. It had a breathtaking view on a harbor and though the weather was cloudy and sky looked like it was about to burst into tears, it was warm and blossoming trees were everywhere and the smell of fresh green leaves and forest soil was so sweet and overwhelming.

I never go to forests unless it is with my family, my grandmother who loved the soil so much she was foolishly happy like a child every spring when it was time to move to summer house in the middle of forest.

She would chatter for days about mushrooms and wild berries and how to grow tomatoes and garden roses. She usually stayed there till late october, when it already snows in St.Petersburg. She would make a fire in a fireplace and pickle all the vegetables she grew during the summer. That’s how I am going to remember her, sitting in front of a fireplace and making garland out of sundried mushrooms…That’s why every time I go to forest and breath in the sweet scent of moss and pines I feel this warmth going through my body like I touched something dear, something so home..

Night sakura

Night sakura

Yesterday I went to Meguro river to see night sakura! I think in Tokyo it is my favourite spot for watching sakura because the trees are so tall and they lean their branches to the water which reflects all these myriads of flowers, because the streets along the riverbanks are so cozy and packed with open air restaurants and because it is close to my house which makes me feel comfortable knowing that if I want, I can go there every day! ^-^

Night sakura