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Spring in Yokosuka

On Saturday I went for a drive to Yokosuka to a national park located at the top of the hill. It had a breathtaking view on a harbor and though the weather was cloudy and sky looked like it was about to burst into tears, it was warm and blossoming trees were everywhere and the smell of fresh green leaves and forest soil was so sweet and overwhelming.

I never go to forests unless it is with my family, my grandmother who loved the soil so much she was foolishly happy like a child every spring when it was time to move to summer house in the middle of forest.

She would chatter for days about mushrooms and wild berries and how to grow tomatoes and garden roses. She usually stayed there till late october, when it already snows in St.Petersburg. She would make a fire in a fireplace and pickle all the vegetables she grew during the summer. That’s how I am going to remember her, sitting in front of a fireplace and making garland out of sundried mushrooms…That’s why every time I go to forest and breath in the sweet scent of moss and pines I feel this warmth going through my body like I touched something dear, something so home..

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