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Legong Kuntul by Mia

Yesterday I went to see Mia’s bali dance performance in Yokohama. That was incredible! She had a leading role in a dance called Legong Kuntul – a beautiful three dancers play with amazing costumes and settings.

 Legong Kuntul dance

I always knew she was talanted and professional dancer (I could judge from her performance in Favella last year) but really I watched her with my mouth open the entire time. It was almost hard to believe that she can move different parts of her body in a different way so simultaneously! She opened and closed her straight fingers while moving palms to the right and hands to the left! Such control of a movement is so beyond my comprehension! Way to do it, Mia chan! I really enjoyed it!

Mia and me after performance

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  1. Beautiful Maria!

    March 26, 2008

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