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Easter at the Holy Ressurection Cathedral


As every year it was a very beautiful service packed with Russian and Greek people whom you can see only once a year on easter. This time I didn’t have sma-station so I could come quite early to buy colored eggs and easter cake – common easter treats that get purified during service by the highest in rank priest. Every time He sprinkles holy water around the tables loaded with easter offerings He behaves like a baby overwhelmed with joy – jumps and laughs and congratulates people around with the most important day in Christian live.

 Easter purification ceremony

After the service which starts at 11:30 on saturday and ends at 3:30 on sunday we usually have public feast with all the food that every Christian was not supposed to eat for two months before easter. 4 years ago when I actually did fast for the first time in my live, easter feast was such a bliss! I still remember what it felt like having starbucks caramel macciato after not drinking milk for two months!
Anyway, this year I didn’t make it to the feast because a. I didn’t fast that hard hence I didn’t deserve the feast and b. it was raining and before I knew it I was standing outside the church soaked to my bones with rattling sounds coming from my throat so I took off before the end of service..Luckily I didn’t catch cold and still got to enjoy my purified easter treats!

Easter eggs

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