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Ajisai season

I just love these bush flowers!!! They are so beautiful!

There are several very famous locations in and around Tokyo where you can spot them along with never ending crowds of tourists but I think nobody knows that the ajisai in small local areas within Tokyo is just as beautiful as in Kamakura shrine or botanical gardens, plus no people around whatsoever!

Last Sunday when me and my boyfriend went to Ebisu for exhibition, we found a gorgeous ajisai garden just outside of Yebisu beer building and there wasn’t a single person there! I could take very nice pictures!! ^-^

Peace quest 2007


Last saturday Gow invited me to Ghana’s festival in Harajuku – a charity concert to help children in Ghana. Being hysterical and hungry, we missed the first part of it by camping in a nearby Italian restaurant and bitching about boyfriends. When we got there however it was just the perfect time because the best part – live performance of international musicians had just started. After the concert we had the opportunity to meet new people like Poup’s family and other people from Ghana and buy some VERY cheap but very beautiful African craft. These things cost 10 times more in Roppongi Hills and Aoyama!..

Girls at Peace quest

After that we wondered about in Harajuku and found a very interesting shop – the latest genious idea of Uniqlo. It was a vending machine shop that sold graphic t-shirts. All the tshirts come in a plastic capsule and the design can be choosen on the touch-and-slide crystal screens. Since the process of purchase is interesting and the product is cheap (only 1500 yen), people are crowding it!! What a brillian business idea!

Uniqlo tshirt capsules

Next day, me and my boyfriend went to see a photo exhibition at metropolitan photography museum in Ebisu. It was dedicated to postwar Japan and it was very impressive. I was shocked and completely silenced by the images of distortion. Being Russian and raised in a communism regime, I was ignorant about the loss of other countries except Russia..But war is a war, whether you loose thousands of people or millions. It leaves the same ugly scars of poverty and hunger everywhere..And then, when after all the unbearable suffering people experienced, you still see the signs of hope in their eyes, that, you understand is a true miracle of being a human.
The exhibition is still there so anyone interested can visit it in the next two weeks!

Master degree high


A week ago my little brother Alex finished MBA course at the Graduate school of management in St.Petersburg state university – my alma mater. I am so proud of him because it was his own decision to get the second education after law school and with all his hatred to the precise science, he did better than me in mathematics and statistics. At the ceremony he was the only graduate to give a speech and the youngest among the executives on the course. The ceremony was beautiful with traditional anthems in Latin and wicked after party on the boat.

Alex and me