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Lille & Garthe birthday @ Yoyogi park

Yoyogi park

I forgot how much fun it is to spend all day in the park, lying on the grass, playing games and catching up with old friends.
Lille’s birthday in the park was perfect! I had too much drinks of course but that didn’t hurt till next morning…

Yoyogi park

I am also suffering from multiple mussle pain from playing frisbie first time in ten years which reminds me that my daily life lacks any kind of physical activity..(and flying in Second life doesn’t do it!).
But aside from all post pain which by the way also includes sunburn (what a geek am I!) I had the best saturday in a while and I was so glad to meet Pete and Hiro and everyone else!

Yoyogi park

Next time we should go to the ocean and spend day at the beach!

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