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Pancrase & Hanabi party@Odaiba

Pancrase supporters 

1. Dalrae invited us to see professional Pancrase fight in Korakuen. It was my second fight after WWE so I still feel uncomfortable watching people hurt each other but having beer on an empty stomach did its job so by the end of the fight session I was screaming alongside Gow to cheer the fighters especially the one that was trained in Russia.

Pancrase fight

2. The actual hanabi was in Kawasaki but we were all invited by Hitomi to come and watch it from the Daiba Towers apartment building. At the top of the complex there is a patio garden where we had party. From there the view was breathtaking. Even though we couldn’t see much of hanabi because of evening fog, the party was great! Because of our hectic schedules we have very few rare opportunities to gather all together and meet up for a party so I really enjoyed that evening! ^-^

Hanabi gang

In imperial garden

Imperial garden

These picture was taken in the Tokyo Imperial garden. We rented boats and took a ride across the canal around the castle. It was a very beautiful day and on the eastern shore there was one old man playing Japanese flute so the atmosphere was almost surreal. I really love boat rides. My mom and grandma took me to many boat rides when I was little. I used to lean forward and let the water slip through my fingers. That is because I was never allowed to row. ^-^ Now I row and I really love it so whenever there is a chance of riding a boat I always do it!