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I’ve been mac’ed

As it is common for every addicted person to stick to the theme, I have become a total mac-aholic with my hands trembling in anticipation of new Macbook and new OS. I cant seem to get enough. I want it all and I want it now. Apple won me over, me – a whole life PC user with its easy to use interface! I can make videos, edit and publish them with just a few clicks plus second life runs smoothly and its so pretty!


My new state of the art high spec iMac is brilliant. It is fast, it has windows, it has OS X, it loves Second life and new imovie is so easy to use! And I cant begin to say how I adore my new iPod touch!

 iPod touch

I can browse internet, blog and write mails from it, watch videos for 8 hours straight which is enough to get me through the flight from Tokyo to Moscow, plus it has big screen, big enough to show my photos and not carry notebook or heavy photoalbums back to Russia! I am so in love with my little gadgets and with new Softbank Sharp release in three weeks I will be a freaking Mary Poppins! ^-^