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It’s a dance Gow!

Yay! Gow has released new album called “It’s a dance shuffle” with two Japanese guys Nikk and Mao. They are ok but I really think Gow should do solos..Her voice is so solid and powerful and doesn’t need any Johnny’s kinda guys on the background..Of course it’s harder to break through when it’s just you – gaijin but still, such guys will never be considered seriously and in my opinion they are just holding her back..She is planning to release another album this year so I’m really looking forward to that too.

Gow’s CD

I really like her lyrics this time, very personal, almost like poems.. The album is sold in Tower records just like last year. There is even Gow’s section with two of her albums in it. Yay!

Gow’s CD jacket

My brother is a big fan of Gow and this year he got to hear her new songs before they were released thanks to Gow’s little Christmas present! ^-^

Canon Ixy 10 digital

Since I broke my all time favourite IXY 55 camera I have been using my boyfriend’s Ricoh Caplio and I cannot describe all the problems I had with it. Of course by all the standards Ricoh was better than Ixy but man did it require your attention. Every time I needed to take a picture I had to manually set it – and somehow it was always too light or too dark.. And I couldn’t take any decent picture in the dark. So I gave up and started to research IXY lineup again and guess what I found ! The new version of my old camera became twice better for the price twice cheaper! So I bought my new IXY 10 camera for only 22000 yen and it’s so small and light! Also the pictures are great with the right colors and right amount of light and night pictures are clear and vivid and I don’t have to spend more than 30 seconds on setup! With some things you just have to stick for life! ^-^

Canon IXY 10

My new premium Softbank 812SH mobile phone

821SH mobile phone

Yep, world’s thinnest Oneseg folding mobile phone with stainless steel body is now peacefully sleeping in my back pocket. ^-^ And yes, I deserve it! I haven’t changed my mobile phone in 2 years and last phone I had was of course state of the art but big and wounded!

 821SH mobile phone

So I treated myself to the new greyish blue little genious that has antenna to show, record and time TV programs, 2.6-inch widescreen QVGA LCD screen – same technology used in Sharp’s Aquos TVs, Bluetooth, music player, ability to browse PC sites, Felica (electronic money and commute pass) and above all my butt doesn’t feel it at all! That’s how thin it is! ^-^

Marc by Marc Jacobs messenger bag

I was never the same since the summer 2005 when I failed to buy MJ’s calfskin pink messenger bag. I reckoned, hey – this is Marc, there will always be more messenger bags, I can always buy a better, newer one next season. Little did I know that there would be no more cheap messenger bags for the next 5 seasons..

MJ pink messenger bag

I started to hunt the old pink messenger bag like a madwoman and found it several times on ebay but it was too popular and the price for secondhand one went up the original reaching 450 dollars when the original one was only 298$. So I bitterly gave up till last week when I accidentally found a brand new winter 2008 collection MJ messenger bag that is too fabulous to miss. It’s only 298$ and its calfskin leather and it’s black with white stitching and it’s messenger!!! It was love from the first sight!

MJ black with white stitching messenger bag

Seibu Shibuya sells it for 54600yen so buying it on will be cheaper even with shipping and custom taxes. According to Japan custom tariff table the total custom tax on a leather handbag is approx. 8000 yen. Since dollar got weaker it became cheaper to buy stuff online in US stores and import it to Japan. ^-^

P.S. Yay!! I got my bag and guess what! The custom tax was only 2500 yen so the total cost of bag for me was 41400 yen which let me save 13200 yen! Oh, I love this math! ^-^

My winter holidays in St.Petersburg

Anna’s birthday 

Ah, it’s so good to be home with my family, have long dinners, nice conversations, good food, play with puppies, forget about job-tv-games-internet obsession – it really clears the head not to watch tv, play second life or check emails for two weeks. It’s been a week since I am back and I haven’t logged in to Second life even once – I’m a brand new person – I’m a happy person! I don’t know if it’s gonna last but right now I feel good and my life seems simple and easy!

The trip back home was yes – stressful and choosing the outfits was critical not only because my suitcase was 80% filled with presents and could fit in only like 2 clothes changes , but also because my father’s side family usually judges me from head to toe if I don’t wear something that has designer label and is new to their eyes. Yep, arriving in last year’s MJ sweater is an official offense to my aunt and two generations of her little ones.. But thanks to early sales this season I could get equipped for my trip arriving in brand new Hysteric glamour sweater and BCBG boots. Likely, it was freaking cold during my stay so our encounters was down to a minimum.

My dog Buddy had puppies this december so I got the chance to play with a bunch of very high breed babies. My mom sold 5 of them already and more than half went abroad.. Then, I finally met my best friend’s boyfriend – Paolo. He was a quite type, younger than the picture shows..And both of my brothers happened to date dentists so I had my teeth cleaned for free – what a nice perk! ^-^


All in all just the vacation I needed – quite, among my family, bunch of snow outside, christmas trees and hot tea with cakes, long sleep and absolutely nothing of my usual routine! ^-^