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My new premium Softbank 812SH mobile phone

821SH mobile phone

Yep, world’s thinnest Oneseg folding mobile phone with stainless steel body is now peacefully sleeping in my back pocket. ^-^ And yes, I deserve it! I haven’t changed my mobile phone in 2 years and last phone I had was of course state of the art but big and wounded!

 821SH mobile phone

So I treated myself to the new greyish blue little genious that has antenna to show, record and time TV programs, 2.6-inch widescreen QVGA LCD screen – same technology used in Sharp’s Aquos TVs, Bluetooth, music player, ability to browse PC sites, Felica (electronic money and commute pass) and above all my butt doesn’t feel it at all! That’s how thin it is! ^-^

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