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It’s a dance Gow!

Yay! Gow has released new album called “It’s a dance shuffle” with two Japanese guys Nikk and Mao. They are ok but I really think Gow should do solos..Her voice is so solid and powerful and doesn’t need any Johnny’s kinda guys on the background..Of course it’s harder to break through when it’s just you – gaijin but still, such guys will never be considered seriously and in my opinion they are just holding her back..She is planning to release another album this year so I’m really looking forward to that too.

Gow’s CD

I really like her lyrics this time, very personal, almost like poems.. The album is sold in Tower records just like last year. There is even Gow’s section with two of her albums in it. Yay!

Gow’s CD jacket

My brother is a big fan of Gow and this year he got to hear her new songs before they were released thanks to Gow’s little Christmas present! ^-^

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