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Reclaim skin care

Reclaim start up kit 

I usually almost never fall for TV infomercials so when I saw Reclaim skin care block on Fox about a month ago I didn’t think much of it because first of all they make it look too good to be true and second of all the woman who invented the skin care is married to a plastic surgeon so OF COURSE she looks good even in her 50ties. But then, I decided to learn a bit about it and read hundreds of people’s reviews on the internet…Most of them say that this skin care DOES NOT reduce the wrinkles as it claims, but it does a really good job to return the even smooth complexion to your skin and with my recent problems in that area I decided to give it a try and bought a sample kit.

I’ve noticed results in a week with gradual changes every day. My skin got sooooo smooth I can’t stop touching it…My stress pimples around my chin got so small I can make them easily invisible with foundation and most importantly my skin color became even!!!! I’ve been using this skin care for a month now and sometimes I don’t even wear foundation, that’s how beautiful my skin tone has become. I especially like the youthful mask and cleansing but can’t see any results yet with eye serum..It doesn’t seem to be working for me.. Oh and the pores around my nose? Gone! I can hardly see them! I also noticed that my scars from my old cured pimples got tighter and became less visible. I really hope that if I continue to use this skin care I can get rid of them completely. Some of the girls on skin care blogs claimed that it’s possible. ^-^

Yokohama sunday

 Yokohama park

Every time I go to Yokohama I am amazed by how much this city attracts me by its architecure, parks, attractions, beaches…If I ever have to move out of Tokyo center I would prefer to live in Yokohama instead, as the foreign community is strong there and everything is just as convinient.


in the grass

On Sunday Gow took me to one of the Yokohama’s parks and then to our favourite spot by the ocean next to Seaside paradise. Later on, we had dinner at a new restaurant in China town opened by her friend. The food was great and I had lots of fun that day! ^-^



Chinese restaurant


Cashew nuts chicken

Insolite shooting for Shinbiyo

Insolite is one of those posh hair salons that have built-in cafe, spa and relaxation area, use only imported products and charge you for every breath you take within its walls. My friend called me and asked to model for Insolite so I came and met with creative director. He was also a very typical Japanese I-am-elite guy, arrogant and so damn sure of himself. He greased my hair for half an hour, took my pictures and said to wait for his call. Later that week he called me and said that unfortunately the magazine people thought I was too fat and my legs were too short – all this for a hair magazine, hehe. Then a week later he called me again and said that they’ve changed their mind. Little pride did I have, I went there again, this time meeting with the owner of hair salon who decided that after all I am not that short and not fat at all and that creative director was very bad at taking pictures. He greased my hair too and even wanted to cut it with the same technique they use for Japanese girls – cutting big chunks of hair at different length to create layers..I told him my hair won’t survive this and he took it very personal. Nevertheless he asked me to be ready for a job on Monday morning by 5AM. On Sunday evening he called me again and asked to be ready by 4AM which meant to wake up at 3AM…I was furious and didn’t talk to him at all during our ride from my home to the hair salon in Hiroo. After I arrived my day had finally started to pick up. I got nice shampoo massage, nice breakfast, beautiful makeup and clothes that was worth 70000 yen. We went to Asakusa and the whole shooting took only a little over an hour. I was done by 10AM. The magazine people paid us a little extra on the top of what we were getting from each of our employers. It was a collaboration work with 4 different hair salons showing the techniques of Japanese perm.

They compared natural wavy hair of foreign people to craftily created natural perm of Japanese people so we had two Japanese girls and two foreign girls on the set. I met Julia there. She is actually half Japanese – half American but looks Caucasian. Two other girls were typical Japanese models, one from Okinawa and another from Tokyo. They were both very sweet and took our phone numbers to have foreign names in their address books. ^-^ At the end of December I got the magazine delivered to my home. Its a big non-standard format, more than A4 and I had 2 full spread pictures in it! Yay!

Annual Tokyo media art festival 2008

Me in front of art center

This event became a part of my routine not only because it’s interesting and challenging to look at the works of various designers and engineers and wonder whether I ever could create something like that but also because I’ve been attending it for 4 straight years which made it easy to compare the works of different year and see whether there has been a progress or a trend and how it evolved into either masterpieces or weird sick creations. ^-^

Tokyo national art center

The festival usually took place in Ebisu metropolitan photography museum but from this year it was moved to a brand new Tokyo national art center in Nogizaka. It was my first time to visit the new center and I was really impressed with architecture. The building ‘s form and use of space is absolutely phenomenal. There is also a nice promenade area around the building – a new Tokyo trend that can also be seen in Roppongi Hills and Midtown – two  mini cities within a city.

Tokyo national art center inside

The exhibition was as usual full of controversial art – from magnetic biofield showcase where you get to touch a display woman to see how her magnetic waves transform into a dance of digital DNA like patterns on the screens around – to some weird European short movie where creepy girl does stuff around her apartment while looking at the camera all the time without blinking ..

Media art festival

My favourite pieces were digital prints of 3D wire flower models and AU art project. AU is one of the three biggest Japanese mobile phone providers and it displayed the art project for their folding phones where both screen and a keyboard part are made of some sort of liquid crystal surfaces that allow various animations such as bamboo tree growing from the bottom of keyboard to the top of the screen or gold carp swimming around..The effect was stunning and I only wish they implement this concept into their future products..If it happens, I may even consider leaving softbank!, I didn’t say that!…>_<

AU art project

Basically the exhibition displays every form of art from photography to sience projects. Every year the festival nominates the winners in different categories like manga, animation, video games, digital design, social study presented in an art form etc. They also screen various short movies of participants and winners. It’s actually very interesting and highly recommended! ^-^


How to strenghten immune system

I have been down with a constant cold / alergy since autumn and although sometimes I feel better it is never completely gone. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately which according to internet can cause a great damade to my immune system. That’s the only explanation I can have to my constant cold – my immune system is down and I need to do something to repair it instead of popping bunch of the cold pills every day. I’ve made a little research and this is what I found to be essential to bust immune system :

1. Take in lots of food with antioxidants ( Vitamin A – liver, carrot, broccoli, sweet potato, Vitamin C – citrus fruits,green pepper, broccoli, Vitamin E – whole grain foods and vegetable oils, Carotenoids – red, yellow and orange fruits and vegies,leafy green foods), minerals (zinc – whole grain foods and seafood, iron – meats, dry beans, tofu and selenium – fish, grains and nuts) and Omega-3 Fatty Acids (salmon, walnuts, soybeans);
2. Reduce stress by relaxing and exercising ( yoga, gym, dancing);
3. Wash hands and throat every time you come hom and before each meal ;
4. Enough sleep is essential to good health and stress reduction;
5. Drinking green and black tea as well as herb tea can add well to relaxation;
6. Dress warm for cold weather;
7. Clean the house to keep dust to a minimum.

I’m gonna try all this and hope to get better soon! ^-^

Nintendo Wii fit

Yep, as one of my 2008 resolutions states, this is the year I’m going to take care of my health and if going to the gym is too much to ask from me I can at least commit to exercises at home because …. I got Wii Fit!

 Wii Fit

 Yes, it’s a game but it really makes you work out! It scans your body and gives a detailed report on what needs to be fixed. Apparently I have problems with balance. The center of my body is shifted to the right heel and to fix that Wii Fit constructed a special program for me containing yoga, muscle expercises and balance games. I have gone through day one and oh my, I’m in pain! My muscles hurt and yesterday at salsa I thought I would faint from all the sweaty dancing I had to go through on top of my Fit program..Oh, the program also mentioned that I am too thin and need to gain weight to be more healthy. I don’t trust that part especially because I always feel bad and heavy when I gain extra weight.

 This is me and Gow chan right before going to salsa lesson. Alberto – our salsa instructor put us on a fast temp through the whole lesson with choreography I’ve never seen before..I really thought like I was high speeding for several kilometers after his torture class…



Another favourites of mine – mabodofu (ground pork and tofu in chilly souce on rice). It’s actually Chinese but very common in Japan, well because there are a lot of Chinese in Japan but also because it’s easy to cook and very delicious. I often cook it at home when I don’t have much time. It only takes 10 minutes to prepare the whole dish! ^-^ And it’s healthy as well because it has bunch of tofu (bean curd) and onion!

“Gyary gyaru” lunch

Today I had fried chicken lunch at “Gyaru gyaru”. They serve “washyoku” – Japanese food and fried chicken “karage” is quite common dish for lunch. Here it came with radish and seaweed souce, potato muss with soy souce, spinach in wasabi souce, steamed pork and miso with clams.

 “Gyaru Gyaru” fried chicken lunch

I didn’t like “tororo” – potato muss, the taste is absent and it’s so viscous and nasty, like nato – fermented soy beans that I just can’t stand. Japanese people often eat nato because it’s healthy but I just can’t force myself to eat fermented beans – it smells bad and looks bad…Uggrrhhh…

 Nato - fermented soy beans

“Karage” has nothing to do with traditional Russian fried chicken. First of all, it’s a fillete without bones and it’s very crispy because Japanese people fry it in oil. It often comes with souce but just with salk and pepper it’s soo delicious! ^-^

Fried chicken - “Karage”

Typical Japanese lunch “Honoji”

Honoji hamburger

This is one of my favourite places for lunch during working week and this is one of my favourite dishes : Japanese hamburger with radish soy souce and cabbage leaves, fried tofu with vegetables, spinach in yuzu souce and miso soup with crab. All of it comes with a bowl of rice and wheat tea and you can have those as much as you can, miso too! This is a very typical Japanese lunch – very healthy with a variety of small snacks. The average dish costs around 700-1000 yen and takeouts costs around 500-600 yen. This hamburger lunch costs 900 yen and the restaurant has both table and tatami seatings.

Honoji izakaya

In the evening Honoji turns into “nomiya” – a place where you go to drink traditional Japanese alcohol and eat some tasty snacks. Some of my friends went there in the evening and they said it was even better than during lunch. ^-^