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Typical Japanese lunch “Honoji”

Honoji hamburger

This is one of my favourite places for lunch during working week and this is one of my favourite dishes : Japanese hamburger with radish soy souce and cabbage leaves, fried tofu with vegetables, spinach in yuzu souce and miso soup with crab. All of it comes with a bowl of rice and wheat tea and you can have those as much as you can, miso too! This is a very typical Japanese lunch – very healthy with a variety of small snacks. The average dish costs around 700-1000 yen and takeouts costs around 500-600 yen. This hamburger lunch costs 900 yen and the restaurant has both table and tatami seatings.

Honoji izakaya

In the evening Honoji turns into “nomiya” – a place where you go to drink traditional Japanese alcohol and eat some tasty snacks. Some of my friends went there in the evening and they said it was even better than during lunch. ^-^

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