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“Gyary gyaru” lunch

Today I had fried chicken lunch at “Gyaru gyaru”. They serve “washyoku” – Japanese food and fried chicken “karage” is quite common dish for lunch. Here it came with radish and seaweed souce, potato muss with soy souce, spinach in wasabi souce, steamed pork and miso with clams.

 “Gyaru Gyaru” fried chicken lunch

I didn’t like “tororo” – potato muss, the taste is absent and it’s so viscous and nasty, like nato – fermented soy beans that I just can’t stand. Japanese people often eat nato because it’s healthy but I just can’t force myself to eat fermented beans – it smells bad and looks bad…Uggrrhhh…

 Nato - fermented soy beans

“Karage” has nothing to do with traditional Russian fried chicken. First of all, it’s a fillete without bones and it’s very crispy because Japanese people fry it in oil. It often comes with souce but just with salk and pepper it’s soo delicious! ^-^

Fried chicken - “Karage”

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  1. Ilike this my best dished this everything Iliked this disded all the best.

    March 7, 2008

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