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Annual Tokyo media art festival 2008

Me in front of art center

This event became a part of my routine not only because it’s interesting and challenging to look at the works of various designers and engineers and wonder whether I ever could create something like that but also because I’ve been attending it for 4 straight years which made it easy to compare the works of different year and see whether there has been a progress or a trend and how it evolved into either masterpieces or weird sick creations. ^-^

Tokyo national art center

The festival usually took place in Ebisu metropolitan photography museum but from this year it was moved to a brand new Tokyo national art center in Nogizaka. It was my first time to visit the new center and I was really impressed with architecture. The building ‘s form and use of space is absolutely phenomenal. There is also a nice promenade area around the building – a new Tokyo trend that can also be seen in Roppongi Hills and Midtown – two  mini cities within a city.

Tokyo national art center inside

The exhibition was as usual full of controversial art – from magnetic biofield showcase where you get to touch a display woman to see how her magnetic waves transform into a dance of digital DNA like patterns on the screens around – to some weird European short movie where creepy girl does stuff around her apartment while looking at the camera all the time without blinking ..

Media art festival

My favourite pieces were digital prints of 3D wire flower models and AU art project. AU is one of the three biggest Japanese mobile phone providers and it displayed the art project for their folding phones where both screen and a keyboard part are made of some sort of liquid crystal surfaces that allow various animations such as bamboo tree growing from the bottom of keyboard to the top of the screen or gold carp swimming around..The effect was stunning and I only wish they implement this concept into their future products..If it happens, I may even consider leaving softbank!, I didn’t say that!…>_<

AU art project

Basically the exhibition displays every form of art from photography to sience projects. Every year the festival nominates the winners in different categories like manga, animation, video games, digital design, social study presented in an art form etc. They also screen various short movies of participants and winners. It’s actually very interesting and highly recommended! ^-^


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  1. Investor #

    isn’t it called “Japan Media Arts Festival” ??

    event footages@youtube

    Nintendo Wii Sports got some prize in 2007 ^_^;;

    March 23, 2008

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