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Insolite shooting for Shinbiyo

Insolite is one of those posh hair salons that have built-in cafe, spa and relaxation area, use only imported products and charge you for every breath you take within its walls. My friend called me and asked to model for Insolite so I came and met with creative director. He was also a very typical Japanese I-am-elite guy, arrogant and so damn sure of himself. He greased my hair for half an hour, took my pictures and said to wait for his call. Later that week he called me and said that unfortunately the magazine people thought I was too fat and my legs were too short – all this for a hair magazine, hehe. Then a week later he called me again and said that they’ve changed their mind. Little pride did I have, I went there again, this time meeting with the owner of hair salon who decided that after all I am not that short and not fat at all and that creative director was very bad at taking pictures. He greased my hair too and even wanted to cut it with the same technique they use for Japanese girls – cutting big chunks of hair at different length to create layers..I told him my hair won’t survive this and he took it very personal. Nevertheless he asked me to be ready for a job on Monday morning by 5AM. On Sunday evening he called me again and asked to be ready by 4AM which meant to wake up at 3AM…I was furious and didn’t talk to him at all during our ride from my home to the hair salon in Hiroo. After I arrived my day had finally started to pick up. I got nice shampoo massage, nice breakfast, beautiful makeup and clothes that was worth 70000 yen. We went to Asakusa and the whole shooting took only a little over an hour. I was done by 10AM. The magazine people paid us a little extra on the top of what we were getting from each of our employers. It was a collaboration work with 4 different hair salons showing the techniques of Japanese perm.

They compared natural wavy hair of foreign people to craftily created natural perm of Japanese people so we had two Japanese girls and two foreign girls on the set. I met Julia there. She is actually half Japanese – half American but looks Caucasian. Two other girls were typical Japanese models, one from Okinawa and another from Tokyo. They were both very sweet and took our phone numbers to have foreign names in their address books. ^-^ At the end of December I got the magazine delivered to my home. Its a big non-standard format, more than A4 and I had 2 full spread pictures in it! Yay!

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  1. eudes assigbe #

    je suis beninois 22ans fonctonnaire j aime tout sauf tout j adore le monde et la nature environnante j aime le basket ball bon pour un debut non

    July 22, 2008
  2. eudes assigbe #

    je parle le francais taille 175cm

    July 22, 2008

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