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Yokohama sunday

 Yokohama park

Every time I go to Yokohama I am amazed by how much this city attracts me by its architecure, parks, attractions, beaches…If I ever have to move out of Tokyo center I would prefer to live in Yokohama instead, as the foreign community is strong there and everything is just as convinient.


in the grass

On Sunday Gow took me to one of the Yokohama’s parks and then to our favourite spot by the ocean next to Seaside paradise. Later on, we had dinner at a new restaurant in China town opened by her friend. The food was great and I had lots of fun that day! ^-^



Chinese restaurant


Cashew nuts chicken

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  1. Sergei #

    what’s mean “foreign community”?
    How is the public peace in china town?

    This photograph is wonderful:)

    February 19, 2008
  2. Foreign community? Well if you ever lived abroad you had to face the fact that foreigners tend to live close to each other due to cultural differences, life style and difficulties of living abroad. This way they can help each other and create a community that will serve their needs and support them. In Yokohama there are settlements of European foreigners with churches, hospitals, European architecture buildings, libraries..It’s called a foreign community in Japan. You can get doctor assistance in English, read English newspaper in the morning, go to church and have your kids attend English speaking school…
    Public peace in China town? Sorry don’t know what you mean…
    Thank you!

    February 20, 2008
  3. Sergei #

    My English is :l

    My Question is [China town in Yokohama is safe or not?]
    To my knowledge, By ordinary,China town is dangerous in Asia or Europe or United States.

    About Foreign community
    I see.Thank you!
    What I wondered was Why not Russian community but Foreign community.
    Russian and French(or American or Tibetan or Kenyan)are quite different.

    Thank you for information.
    I’m interested in your articles very much:-)

    February 20, 2008
  4. Unless you live in China town in Yokohama it’s hard to judge whether it is save or not but my friend dated a guy who lived there and she went to middle school there too and she didn’t have any problems at all. Is it stereotype or something that China town is not a safe place? I always enjoy it when I go there – nice food, friendly people, beautiful architecture and very nice traditional culture of lion dances and other festivities. I’ve also been to China town in Singapore and Bangkok and although Bangkok’s one was quite dirty I did enjoy the atmosphere and food. There was nothing dangerous about them. Especially China town in Singapore looks more like more European with lots of Colonian architecture. Anyway, I never experienced a feeling of being unsafe while exploring China towns and I think for most of its part it’s just a stereotype.
    Of course there are Russian, French, Brittish, Philipinian people living throughout Japan but when Russian, Greek, Australian people go to the same church, when Brittish, US and Philipinian children go to the same school in Tokyo and all of them together use same library, hospital and so on, how do you call such a community? I’d say it’s a foreign community. Even though every country has it’s own culture, they share a lot in common too. A Russian girl living among Japanese people in Tokyo will have more difficulties than living among foreigners in the same Tokyo not only because of language barriers and lack of custom knowledge but also because of attitudes, stereotypes of being an alien on a foreign soil. All foreigners are alien in Japan not matter what country you came from and that unites them. Plus English is an international language learnt by almost every nation so when you don’t speak Japanese you can still live in Japan with a help of foreign community.

    February 21, 2008
  5. Investor #

    Ni Hao !!

    the china town will be much excited due to the Olympic in China in this summer. too bad there won’t be any Salsa competition though 😉 😉

    >how do you call such a community?

    maybe it’s called “Gaikokujin Mura” (foreigner’s village)

    March 14, 2008
  6. gavra #

    наташечкин, мне вот тут очень понравились твои фотки. ты красотка, тебе идет такой стиль. конечно, с гитарой я тебя не привыкла видеть, но тоже ничего так… в следующий раз не забудь продемонстрировть этот талант в реальности и спеть чего-нибудь из репертуара Таке Вет – типо Бэйб ….:::)))) красотка.

    May 18, 2008

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