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Reclaim skin care

Reclaim start up kit 

I usually almost never fall for TV infomercials so when I saw Reclaim skin care block on Fox about a month ago I didn’t think much of it because first of all they make it look too good to be true and second of all the woman who invented the skin care is married to a plastic surgeon so OF COURSE she looks good even in her 50ties. But then, I decided to learn a bit about it and read hundreds of people’s reviews on the internet…Most of them say that this skin care DOES NOT reduce the wrinkles as it claims, but it does a really good job to return the even smooth complexion to your skin and with my recent problems in that area I decided to give it a try and bought a sample kit.

I’ve noticed results in a week with gradual changes every day. My skin got sooooo smooth I can’t stop touching it…My stress pimples around my chin got so small I can make them easily invisible with foundation and most importantly my skin color became even!!!! I’ve been using this skin care for a month now and sometimes I don’t even wear foundation, that’s how beautiful my skin tone has become. I especially like the youthful mask and cleansing but can’t see any results yet with eye serum..It doesn’t seem to be working for me.. Oh and the pores around my nose? Gone! I can hardly see them! I also noticed that my scars from my old cured pimples got tighter and became less visible. I really hope that if I continue to use this skin care I can get rid of them completely. Some of the girls on skin care blogs claimed that it’s possible. ^-^

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  1. Investor #

    you forgot to put a beneficial “affiliate link” to the product page of RECLAIM..kidding 😉

    I believe protecting from Ultraviolet(UV) light is most important thing for the skin.

    March 14, 2008

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