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Hanami lunch

Sakura flowers

Today me and my team went for a Dean and Delica lunch in the park with blossoming cherry trees. In some parts the trees are in full bloom already and it looks absolutely amazing especially when the sun comes out of the clouds. Eating outside in the sun is really so much healthier and better than in front of PC or in a smokey restaurant. I wish we could go out like that more often! (*^-^*)

Sakura slope

The spring is here

 Spring flowers

In Russia we celebrate spring with lilacs and bird cherry blossoms, but that doesn’t happen until may as it is quite normal to still see snow at the end of april. In Japan you can see plum and apricot blossoms in as early as middle of february and if the weather is good the city can dress in white and pink in a matter of days.


 I love Tokyo spring because it has so many warm and sunny days and because in spite of being so densed with buildings and concrete it can still surprise you with bushes of clematis and magnolia trees with absolutely crazy blossoms.


These pics I took at various parks over the last three weekends. Reading book in a park is one of my favourite spring activities. ^-^

Yokohama park

Salsa event @ Shibuya O-east

Alberto and Mika 

My salsa teacher Alberto performed at pro and semi pro dance event in Shibuya O-east. Some of our class members were also there dancing in a group choreography which was stunning. The event was sponsored by Casino dance school where Alberto taught till recently so it was all a bit too over sponsored, targetting new souls and selling dance DVDs and outfits but nontheless the dances were great and Alberto’s was the best! So powerful and strong!!! I wish I could dance like that one day…

 Alberto and me

I learned that my recent salsa partner Shu is in a pro rank. He had a solo couple performance and it was very good! ^-^

This is my salsa team : Gow, Sarah ( teacher) and Mina (teacher)

Nat, Gow, Sarah, Mina

Japanese public toilet


Japanese public toilets were one of those culture shock things that were dropped on me the minute I arrived to Japan. Only several years later I finally learned comprehensive mechanisms of the all-purpose creature that is Japanese toilet. To fully understand how everything works , each feature comes with its own explanation sticker that states point by point that no, you cannot leave your baby in the baby seat provided in special maternal toilet cabins, that you should not put your street shoes on a shoe changing platform that yes, is also in a toilet cabin, that you should use sound machine that covers all the other sounds in your cabin to protect your privacy and do not create any inconvinience for surrounding ladies.


An average public toilet comes with the following features :

1. At least two spare toilet paper rolls with instruction on how to change the roll ;

2. Umbrella stand, bag stand, shoe changing platform;

3. Baby seat, diaper changing table;

4. Sound machine and flush button with sensors that allow you to wave your hand to make it work. You don’t actually have to touch anything;

5. Antibacterial napkin dispenser, toilet seat cleaner and deodorant for the inside of a toilet bowl and the air of the cabin;

6. A seat which temperature can be regulated ( in other words, a seat that warms up itself) , shower for ass, bidet and water pressure and temperature regulator;

7. A napkin machine and changing room;

8. Emergency button for ladies who run to the toilet to use it as a shelter.


Amazing, isn’t it? With all this technology, for a foreigner who comes to Japan for the first time it is rather hard to understand which one of these millions of buttons does in fact flush the toilet. I had no idea what the sound machine was for and was horrified at first when it made loud flushing sounds. I thought I broke the toilet!!


And since I am talking about toilet culture in Japan, I also have to mention that Japanese people and ladies in particular do not seek the easy way to go to the toilet. They patiently wait in the toilet line on the first floor of department store whereas 6 other toilets on all the other floors are empty. They do not allow women with small children to bypass them, they brush their teeth in toilets after lunch and they carry small hand towels in their bags which absolutely have to be made by Celine or Vivienne Westwood or Burberry.

VW hand towel


About two months ago I was asked to perform as a background “fake” singer for some stage musical show. I had no idea that Adeyto was in it in a main role! I was so happy to be able to work with her again but in the end my small role was cut out and I didn’t do it…But Adeyto was a star in that show, performing role of Paris geisha and singing three solo songs! She is so talanted and beautiful! Now she is recording two albums and I can’t wait to get my hands on them! ^-^

Maroon 5 concert in Nihon Budoukan


It was 4:15 in the evening yesterday that I finally ran away from that boring project evaluation meeting and got three messages from Gow “Can you make it????”. She was inviting me to Maroon 5 concert which was starting at 7PM!!! I’m so glad I got her messages in time because yay I could make it and it was sooooooooo great!!!! One of the best concerts I’ve seen in my life! I love these hot Maroon guys and the fact that they learn some Japanese and work the crowd instead of just singing like Radiohead guys!!! They performed all my favourite songs and I lost my voice and my ears are still ringing!

P.S. I’ve just got free ipod shuffle!!! Isn’t it a great day? My company bought lots of presents for various web campaigns and these ipods were left outs so I got one! Yay!

My salsa classes

 Salsa class

I’m very proud of myself because I’ve been taking salsa lessons for a year now. That doesn’t sound like me at all. I usually get bored with everything so quickly! And yet I’ve been dancing for a year and I love it! I still suck at it though because I don’t have a regular partner and have to learn the temp and lead of like 10 different guys each time. But now it’s much easier for me to remember all those human pretzel movements that we learn every week so I stopped being so concious about new steps. They all have same patterns : you tangle your hands to the breaking point while moving your legs in the same pattern around your partner. When I get it right it’s the best feeling! I was never good at any kinds of sports so salsa makes me feel real good about myself, hehe..

 Salsa teachers

These are my two teachers Sarah and Alberto. They are unbelievably good but always fight about which song to play because Sarah teaches beginners and wants to have a slow temp melody while Alberto teaches second level of beginners and wants us to die from dehydration with his fast temp salsa and tricky feet movements. One of these days they are so gonna break that poor poor ipod..^-^


This is me and Gow having a small break in between routines. After yesterday’s class we were so tired and went straight to bed as soon as we got home. As always Alberto has no mercy on us..^-^