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Maroon 5 concert in Nihon Budoukan


It was 4:15 in the evening yesterday that I finally ran away from that boring project evaluation meeting and got three messages from Gow “Can you make it????”. She was inviting me to Maroon 5 concert which was starting at 7PM!!! I’m so glad I got her messages in time because yay I could make it and it was sooooooooo great!!!! One of the best concerts I’ve seen in my life! I love these hot Maroon guys and the fact that they learn some Japanese and work the crowd instead of just singing like Radiohead guys!!! They performed all my favourite songs and I lost my voice and my ears are still ringing!

P.S. I’ve just got free ipod shuffle!!! Isn’t it a great day? My company bought lots of presents for various web campaigns and these ipods were left outs so I got one! Yay!

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  1. kaori #

    i went to maroon5 gig tonighit.i admit im a big fun of it,but not biased,it was absoluuuuuuuuuutely fantastic!!they are the coolest bands on earth.I danced and i am too excited to sleep.I happened to find your comment when i was looking for some pictures of them on the web for my mobile screen; )i just wanted to say i completely agree with you!

    March 11, 2008
  2. Investor #

    >I’ve just got free ipod shuffle!!!

    I..I am not jealous. I..I am completely satisfied by SONY Walkman(1983 model).

    March 14, 2008

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