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Salsa event @ Shibuya O-east

Alberto and Mika 

My salsa teacher Alberto performed at pro and semi pro dance event in Shibuya O-east. Some of our class members were also there dancing in a group choreography which was stunning. The event was sponsored by Casino dance school where Alberto taught till recently so it was all a bit too over sponsored, targetting new souls and selling dance DVDs and outfits but nontheless the dances were great and Alberto’s was the best! So powerful and strong!!! I wish I could dance like that one day…

 Alberto and me

I learned that my recent salsa partner Shu is in a pro rank. He had a solo couple performance and it was very good! ^-^

This is my salsa team : Gow, Sarah ( teacher) and Mina (teacher)

Nat, Gow, Sarah, Mina

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