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Gow’s performance at “Love & peace” charity concert

Before my trip to Hong Kong I went to see Gow perform at “Love & Peace” – a charity event produced to raise funds for several Phillipine organizations taking care of poor and unemployed. I’m not sure how this event raised money though because the rent of the Yakult hall in Shimbashi costed more than the price of all the tickets sold that day…If the organization had such good sponsors, I believe they could use those donations for funding instead of buying the hall but then again awareness and advertising campaigns cannot go well without people..

I liked the performaces. Gow was of course the best! I was sitting there looking at her like a proud mama, she was brilliant – very articulate and entertaining! I really want her to perform more, it really does well to the sale of CDs too…
It was a rare opportunity to gather up altogether like we used to do and Im glad we did. ^-^

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  1. Thanks 4 writing about the event Honey,bunny:)
    For us musicians this is the only way we can reach out to people and let them know the truth of what’s happening around the world,,,
    It might be baby steps but if even one person understands a little more about the reality of poverty,street children,Cataract operations that most people can’t afford and livelihood projects I consider it a good job:)

    April 25, 2008

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