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Sarah and Alberto’s wedding

Last friday Sarah and Alberto got married, yay! It was such a big surprise – thank you very much for not telling me till two days before the wedding! I cancelled all my friday appointments, grabbed cheese and wine ( yeah Sarah is French so beer and chips is a no-no! ) and went to Mita to their cozy home party!

It was a very rare these days, good home party with lots of good drinks, home made Italian cooking and cigars! Not that I’m smoking but bathing in the fumes certainly made me go nuts after my first glass of wine! Me, Mina and Gow created a “happy dance” !!! It’s a 30 seconds (you physically can’t do it more) of the craziest, most bizarre, look-at-me-im-freak dance with silly face and nerdy moves. Somebody got it on camera so I’m planning on making it to the top 10 on youtube this year!

Then there was also some guy whom I called Anna by mistake and he took it pretty bad calling me George all evening. ^-^

During bouquette catching I was in the front position pushing Gow, Mina and some terribly confused guys aside. I was so close to catching it but at the last moment a girl named Olga grabbed it instead of me. Yeah, she was also Russian – the competition was tough. But I managed to break her mobile phone on our way back home so we’re even! ^-^

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