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Escape to the fantasyland

Yeah, I went to the Disneyland again because it was the least evil of all the entertainment that was available on sunday last week. We were planning to go to the Fireworks in Odaiba but forseen the amount of people that would be there sweating and blocking our view. Instead, we went to the Disneyland where the crowd of people was just as big but at least nobody was sweating and preventing us from taking a train back home. In Tokyo after Fireworks you’d usually wait an hour or so before you are able to enter the nearest subway station because of the amount of people who came to see it.

Anyway, we went to the Disneyland after 6PM and walked around till the beginning of Parade. Only then we could ride attractions without waiting. It was my first time to try Splash mountain and I really liked it.

My favorite place is Toon town because it’s crazy and makes no sense. There are almost no attractions so I can always find some fresh air in between safe falling bank and Goofey’s boat. ^-^

JLPT entry registration

Yesterday I applied for JLPT ( Japanese Language Profeciency Test) level 2 that will take place on December 7th.┬áIt is an advanced level and I am nowhere near being ready for it but nonetheless I have decided to take the challenge and try myself out. To pass the test I need to go through 600 hours of study and know approx. 1000 characters whereas I know about 400 characters and hmmm…had under 50 official study hours with Japanese teacher. But I need to answer correctly only 60% of the test so I’m going to take my chances, hehe. If I pass, I will be certified Japanese language speaker, isn’t that cool?

My vacation at home

I’ve been waiting for this vacation counting days not only because I was about to meet my family and friends but also because recently I’ve been feeling kinda tired living in Japan. It doesn’t happen to me often because I’m go-with-the-flow girl but from time to time I feel like I don’t belong here.. Everyone at home go along with their lives, making families, having babies, building homes and companies.. Every time I come home, I realize how much I miss my lifestyle, my friends, climate, food, everything.. I often wonder what my life would be if I didn’t leave..

My first week I spent with my family at our summer house in the suburbs of St.Petersburg.

The weather was great! Every day I woke up with the birds singing and sun shining through my window. I went out for my morning excercise, had breakfast with my family and did nothing for the rest of each day.

Almost daily we had barbeque – Russian style with marinated onion and meat on screwers with some fresh veggies and kvass.

It was a wonderful vacation away from PC, TV, work, study and everything else that makes me forget how wonderful it is to just live and enjoy life. I probably write that every time I go home and it’s funny how only a trip back home can force me not to waste my life on virtual existence..^-^

I even did some work around garden this time, taking care of garlic and paining the benches with aqua gel to prevent it from rotting in the rain.

And I had so much fun with our dogs Buddy and Cherry. They are crazy, running around and barking at neighbours like they are big scary rottweilers.

Second week I spent with my brother and friends in the city, going to annual bike festival (I even got on TV),

marine parade, celebrating Alex’s birthday in “the office” – new pub behind Kazan cathedral and nursing countless milkshakes in every cafe I could find.

I just love milk shakes and since I can’t get one in Tokyo I seriously abused my health during home vacation and drink at least a couple each day.

It was a wonderful getaway for me and I’m still very homesick and can’t get into my usual self yet..I feel like I need some changes in my life..