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My vacation at home

I’ve been waiting for this vacation counting days not only because I was about to meet my family and friends but also because recently I’ve been feeling kinda tired living in Japan. It doesn’t happen to me often because I’m go-with-the-flow girl but from time to time I feel like I don’t belong here.. Everyone at home go along with their lives, making families, having babies, building homes and companies.. Every time I come home, I realize how much I miss my lifestyle, my friends, climate, food, everything.. I often wonder what my life would be if I didn’t leave..

My first week I spent with my family at our summer house in the suburbs of St.Petersburg.

The weather was great! Every day I woke up with the birds singing and sun shining through my window. I went out for my morning excercise, had breakfast with my family and did nothing for the rest of each day.

Almost daily we had barbeque – Russian style with marinated onion and meat on screwers with some fresh veggies and kvass.

It was a wonderful vacation away from PC, TV, work, study and everything else that makes me forget how wonderful it is to just live and enjoy life. I probably write that every time I go home and it’s funny how only a trip back home can force me not to waste my life on virtual existence..^-^

I even did some work around garden this time, taking care of garlic and paining the benches with aqua gel to prevent it from rotting in the rain.

And I had so much fun with our dogs Buddy and Cherry. They are crazy, running around and barking at neighbours like they are big scary rottweilers.

Second week I spent with my brother and friends in the city, going to annual bike festival (I even got on TV),

marine parade, celebrating Alex’s birthday in “the office” – new pub behind Kazan cathedral and nursing countless milkshakes in every cafe I could find.

I just love milk shakes and since I can’t get one in Tokyo I seriously abused my health during home vacation and drink at least a couple each day.

It was a wonderful getaway for me and I’m still very homesick and can’t get into my usual self yet..I feel like I need some changes in my life..

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  1. ピンクスタイル、かっこいい~!!



    August 16, 2008

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