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Gow’s birthday party

Organizing a secret birthday party for a friend is a great challenge that tests your life experience and social skills. Obviously I am yet to learn a lot. I wanted to make a perfect party for Gow and in my opinion didn’t do all that well. I have a big respect to all “kanji” who organize countless “nomikai” in my company. Gathering people in an organized event is painful, at least for me.

Anyway, I was more lucky than last year and could gather more people but they all showed up at the last minute and of course the place got too small for such party. We couldn’t move around and ended up talking to the people who sat next to us…I wish I thought this through and reserved an open space cafe or bar…Sitting at the table is not so exciting…

There was no space for presents and no way of opening them in front of everyone…I planned a great greeting card present with pictures of all the participants glued to it..Each participant was supposed to carry a heart shaped balloon with their names written on it and then write a message to Gow under the picture…The markers didn’t write on balloons, they took all the free space left, I forgot the glue at home and we ended up using scotch tape…It was the worst card I have ever made..It travelled without any supervision from hands to hands and the balance of free space and contents was horrible…

I’m so grateful that Gow knows how to have fun in any kind of situations and doesn’t care about such things..However me as organizer, I felt terrible…Even the “Happy birthday” hat that I got for her was a bad idea because she wore hippie style ribbon on her head..

The party itself was a lot of fun because many of Gow’s friends could come and there were some people that I haven’t seen for a year. ^-^ After the dinner we went to karaoke which Gow had to book for herself because I didn’t plan nijikai…Another miss..Overall, I was relieved that Gow was happy and stayed with her friends till late but the feeling of dissatisfaction is hunting me…I could do so much better for my girl!

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  1. HONEY!!!
    You did a great job organizing and making everything perfect for this day,I’m had so much fun and felt the LOVE:)
    Thank you so much girl,you did more than enough and it was fab!
    LOVE YOU GIRL!!!!!!Mwah

    September 19, 2008

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