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The day has come!

Yes, I waited for this moment 1 year, 3 weeks, 2 days and 6 hours – a moment of truth and a sweet release of satisfaction – a new Macbook has been released. After all the heart warming rumours and then heart broken dissappointments of unmet time expectations I have finally got an object of my affection and an answer to all my notebook needs – a new, completely redesigned and much more powerful Macbook that can start the OS under 5 seconds, run multiple applications without slowing down and the most important of all – it has nVIDIA graphic card, powerful enough to smoothly run SL in a windlight state! Yahooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, seriously after Vaio fiasco and months of torture I have finally received the best I can get at the moment ( ok, macbook pro is the best but its also freakin expensive and heavy). Now we are unseparable me and my friend. I am like freakin Marry Poppins…getting laid..with Santa Disneyland!!!!! Yaaaaaaaayyyyy!

Chie’s performance at Edge

My friend Chie performs with her band “Believe” twice a year in Roppongi and I always try to go and see them because being successful IT interpreneurs they have no need in releasing their CD so seeing them live is the only chance to hear their music which is great! There are couple of songs that can truly become hits, I really love them. Chie sings in husky voice and even with cold like this time it was so clear and beautiful. She used to work in my company and people would go to karaoke after corporate drinking just to hear her sing. She is the reason I stopped singing because hearing me after her is just a slap in the face and in some cases a kick in the guts. ^-^