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3 days planned for 2 months


Me and my fiance decided to celebrate our 8th anniversary by going away on a beach holiday. Bali was our first choice but as ridiculous as it sounds we couldn’t get tickets using our mileage even two and a half months in advance. We panicked and made a foolish decision to go to Bintan’s Club Med hotel. As it is very typical of me, first I bought tickets to Singapore and then decided to check out blogs about Club Med’s  to make sure it was a right choice. And the choice wasn’t right. The Club Med has no respect for privacy, they share bathrooms and dining tables with other visitors. Plus it’s like a haven for families with small children – not what a couple on anniversary is looking for. So, because I already had tickets to Singapore we decided to once again go to Thailand. We know it, we love it and we aren’t tired of exploring it.


Our last trip was to Khao Lak, 1 hour drive deep into the mainland from Phuket.  This time we decided to experience a more crowded environment, in other words stay in Phuket itself.  Finding good hotel wasn’t as easy as it sounds. They all look great on pictures but then you start to read reviews and the gorgeous bungallow resort turns into a dirty hole with cockroaches and food poisoning. It took me three weeks to find a perfect spa resort hotel with beautiful contemporary design and celebrity visitors. Unfortunatelly only roof top plunge pool villas where available at “Twin palms” resort almost two months in advance. It is very popular, has great reviews and competitive prices. There was no way of getting a room there…


So I started to look again and found “Indigo pearl” – a contemporary design resort hotel with no-kids-allowed pool, coconut pina coladas, beautiful magnolia scented rooms, great fusion food and most important – plenty of rooms to choose from.


Naturally, we went for the cheapest one available since it’s a 5 star resort hotel. I read and re-read all 400 reviews posted on trip advisor and and knew that it possibly is the best resort in Phuket in our price range.

Indigo pearl vestibule

When we arrived there, we were immediatelly upgraded to a suite room – huge studio with two balconies, outside bathtub, rain shower, flat screen TV and a huge king size bed that was soft and comfortable. We had spa products as our every day room amenities, aroma therapy and insect profilactics every day at 7PM. They did room cleaning twice a day and I swear I never even met any maids.


The resort is located in a National park so the huge space that they use in it is all filled with exotic tropical plants, flowers and trees that were taken care of by an army of gardeners.

Tropical flower

The service too was excellent. We always had unlimited number of towels and water whether it was at the beach club or pool side.


Staff was so friendly and helpful especially girl who made me raspberry waffles every morning and the girl who did my treatment in spa.

Flower bowl

Spa is a very beautiful place from outside – pavilion at the center of a lily pond surrounded by wild tropical plants and bamboo.

Tropical plants 2

However inside it was a very typical four wall treatment room with no windows or candles. There was a bowl with orchids for feet washing and a huge red flower to look at while facing down but other than that, there was no decoration whatsoever. Prices were cheaper than Tokyo though so maybe I shouldn’t have expected much. Skin firming massage was great of course.


Food was excellent. There are three main restaurants in Indigo pearl, each with its own theme. We ate in every one of them and I absolutely loved each meal.


First we had Thai dinner at “Black ginger”, then fusion cuisine at “Rivet grill” and last night we ate at “Tin mine” – main dining place with buffet and 10 different kinds of mini cakes for dessert.


We also ate at various local cafes. The food wasn’t as good as the resort one but it was cheap and right on the beach.

Beach cafe

The resort has a theme of an old tin mine plantation, lots of rubber, tin and concrete. All the materials used whether it’s bed sheets, shower utensils or door frames were of a good quality – the best we’ve seen in Thailand. We had art in our room and throughout the whole complex.

Me at the pool

Our first day was cloudy and in the evening it even got chilly but the othe two days were perfect.

Me at the beach

It was first time in several years to swim in the salty sea water and lay down on the sandy beach. My friend who does to sea every year told me all about the healing effect of salty water so I left my fear of burning eyes and skin behind and swom till I could tolerate the prickling on my skin no more.

Me at the beach 2

It did indeed healed the irritation on my skin appeared from rubbing against jeans’ metalic parts.


There were lots of Russians at the resort. I didn’t meet anyone because I don’t like meaningless conversations with strangers and because we had only three days to enjoy ourselves but I heard them everywhere we went. There even were Russian channel on TV and Russian books at the library. Menu at “Rivet” was in Russian as well. I bet my mom would love it there.


On our way back we stayed 1 day in Singapore. It was funny to see Christmas decorations and people wearing hot tubes and sandals.

Singapore skyline

We didn’t have much time to do sightseeing so instead we walked around familiar places and spent several hours in a book store. I really miss huge book stores filled with books in language I can read. Here in Tokyo, the selection of books in English is very small and I still can’t get used to buying them online. Sometimes I don’t know what I’m looking for until I hold the book in my hands and read the first chapter. In Singapore we went to “Borders” and I spent two hours browsing through new releases of my favorite authors and checking out travel books.

Clark Que

In the evening we went to Clark Que – a relatively new hip place in town with lots of choices for dinner. The place that we wanted to go to was closed (somehow) so instead we ended up eating at the river side in one of the small bars.



The 31st of October has started pretty spooky to me with a project deadline at 7PM and tons of tasks to get done in between 3 horrifying regular meetings where you can play games on ipod and noone gives a damn but which you cant skip or else.. So I was very frustrated when after days of hard work and 5 minutes before I was to leave for the party my boss has asked me to do the dirty job as well – match each image to its Japanese name and file name and save each of them on server. So it took me another hour which blew my chances to do the hair and makeup for the party. I ended up being hour and a half late but luckily I made it and I had a great time!

Garthe & Lille

Every year my gals are having different costumes so it’s always fun to see who’s wearing what. Dalrae, Heijin and me went costumer shopping on thursday. Big advice – never buy a costume in Japanese store. You can’t try it on and it costs 100$+ without accessories. I checked the same costumes on ebay and guess what, they don’t even cost 20$ plus the variety is ridiculous.

Heijin and me

Anyway, Dalrae was picking sexy nurse costumes – a real nightmare for her boyfriend who was trying to persuade her to go with Alice in wonderland or Red riding hood. Last time I saw them, they were buying doctor and nurse sets but then they came dressed as red cupid and a dracula so dunno what happened there….^-^ They looked hot though!


I was dressed as a maid, serving everyone and trying to dust off my sluttish friends ( didn’t work..). ^-^ I had my halloween pet Mr. Muffins with me but traded it off to Lille for a neon wrist band. ^-^