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The 31st of October has started pretty spooky to me with a project deadline at 7PM and tons of tasks to get done in between 3 horrifying regular meetings where you can play games on ipod and noone gives a damn but which you cant skip or else.. So I was very frustrated when after days of hard work and 5 minutes before I was to leave for the party my boss has asked me to do the dirty job as well – match each image to its Japanese name and file name and save each of them on server. So it took me another hour which blew my chances to do the hair and makeup for the party. I ended up being hour and a half late but luckily I made it and I had a great time!

Garthe & Lille

Every year my gals are having different costumes so it’s always fun to see who’s wearing what. Dalrae, Heijin and me went costumer shopping on thursday. Big advice – never buy a costume in Japanese store. You can’t try it on and it costs 100$+ without accessories. I checked the same costumes on ebay and guess what, they don’t even cost 20$ plus the variety is ridiculous.

Heijin and me

Anyway, Dalrae was picking sexy nurse costumes – a real nightmare for her boyfriend who was trying to persuade her to go with Alice in wonderland or Red riding hood. Last time I saw them, they were buying doctor and nurse sets but then they came dressed as red cupid and a dracula so dunno what happened there….^-^ They looked hot though!


I was dressed as a maid, serving everyone and trying to dust off my sluttish friends ( didn’t work..). ^-^ I had my halloween pet Mr. Muffins with me but traded it off to Lille for a neon wrist band. ^-^

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  1. Elon #

    I’m from Brazil,

    Only to speak to you that found you beautiful, and very happy, I have a great day.

    PS.: I found your blog by chance.

    November 14, 2008

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