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Vincent’s birthday in Aoyama

Me and Vincent with cake

Vincent is my hero because he organizes his own birthday party every year. This is a real pain to take care of everything from venue to food to invitations to time to money matters. He does all of it by himself without asking his friends for help. I really admire his ability to do all that AND enjoy the party AND greet and chat with all the guests not forgetting anyone. If it was me, I would get drunk and wake up when it’s time for cake and presents. Yeah, he did the cake too! ^-^

Mia and Takeshi

The party was at a small French restaurant in Minami Aoyama. It was cozy and food although junk and party was decent enough, maybe because the cocktails were coming nonstop! ^-^

Me and Gow at the party

There were friends whom I somehow meet only once a year at his birthday party. Somehow we don’t have any other occasion to meet. It’s funny how everyone is already thinking of Vincent’s birthday as a meet-up place. You can always meet some new and interesting people there too, mostly working in show business.

Vincent and me

They all have such outstanding funny personalities, it’s so easy to just come to the party and find yourself comfortable in a company of strangers. ^-^ I really enjoy his party and can’t wait for the big anniversary one next year. ^-^

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