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Busting metabolism

My skinny Korean friend once told me that she has weird metbolism, everything she eats, gets burned right away. There isn’t any excess fat on her body and she looks great. It made me wondering if there are any ways that can trigger my metabolism to work faster and burn calories instead of storing them as fat.

As far as my research shows, there is only one main and efficient way to boost the metabolism : eat small amounts of food 3-6 times a day as opposed to conventional 2-3 times a day because body considers lack of food in the organism as a food stress and starts to store the fat and burns less calories to protect itself.

Here are some other factors that can influence the metabolism :

1. Eating breakfast is essential. Milk and whole grain cereal for breakfast gives a good trigger to metabolism because of calcium and fiber;

2. Eating fish can lower the level of leptin – hormone that can slow down the metabolic process;

3. Eating meat, chicken and turkey. Protein food takes longer to digest so the body uses more energy;

4. Green tea and hot peppers increase the heart rate which causes body to use more energy and burn calories faster;

5. And of course exercises can increase the metabolic rate so walking and simple squat exercise is a good way to introduce physical activity into a daily routine without going to the gym.

New patriarch of Moscow and All Russia

Metropolitan Kirill

Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad finally became the 16th patriarch of Moscow and All Russia! Yay!!

I’m very excited because I’m really fond of him and his active work and his wisdom and logical thinking and the fact that he is so down to earth and close to people.  I met him once, last year when he came to Tokyo to congratulate Daniel (Japanese metropolitan) with his 70th birthday.  Kirill participated in the Sunday service and communion and then stood there with the cross till all the people kissed it. Usually Daniel stays for a couple of minutes and then passes the cross to the lower rank priest. However Kirill stood there till the end and gave icons to all of us.

I’ve been watching his saturday morning talk show for a long time and even though he sometimes show the stubborn side of his character especially upon certain topics, I really learn a lot from him and his guidance really help me become a better person.  He is also very young and energetic so it’s going to be very exciting to watch his work and all the good things he is going to do for Russian church.

Gorjana jewelry

Sunburst earrings

I’m in love with Gorjana’s jewelry because A. It’s silver or silver-plated and therefore doesn’t hurt my ears B. It’s light and therefore doesn’t hurt my ears and C. It’s simple and gorgeous at the same time, yay! The only downturn is the quality of metal…My first pair of earrings broke within 1 week because the hook part was too soft and broke under pressure… Well yeah, I kept them in my throw-everywhere-hazardous bag for a week so I can close my eyes on that one…^-^

Anyway the designer herself is an ex-model from Yugoslavia so she really knows what she is doing. Her jewelry is worn by many celebrities including the ones that are on my candids watchlist. I also spotted a pair of her eyedrop earrings on Vanessa in Gossip girl yesterday.

Kensington bracelet

Now I’m after Kensington cufflink bracelet. It’s so pretty I wanna cry. If only could accept free international delivery policy at last and let me have it at it’s normal price and not double that I usually pay for international delivery and import….I wrote to them yesterday and all the could say “We would think about that”…

How to stop snacking during work..

This is a real big problem for me especially when I am bored with routine tasks or stressed over the lack of time or inspiration.. Here are all the advices I could find..:

1. When you feel hungry, drink a glass of water and see if the feeling goes away. If not, have a yogurt;

2. Small portion and healthy snacks like fruits or yogurts are of course a better choice than anything else that is sold in my office…;

3. Magnesium rich food or suppliments can help reduce the stress induced hunger so I’m gonna buy these tonight;

4. When in need of something sweet have a hard candy or a mint instead of chocolate or biscuit;

5. Concentrate on your food, avoid watching TV or browsing the internet while eating. Chewing the food thoroughly will make you full quicker;

6. Always start your meal with salads that can fill you up so you don’t fill hungry to eat more than you need;

7.  Drink at least 1.5 litres of water per day;

8. Fats and refined sugar quickly makes you hungry again so choose food that processes longer like fibers and slow-release carbohydrates;

9. Avoid snack storage in the office, if you have it – you’ll eat it;

10. Better to divide your meal into small portions several times a day than to have three full meals;

11. Brush your teeth after each meal so you won’t have the urge to mess up with the fresh feeling in your mouth.

Beauty sleep

While preparing for my Japanese proficiency test I read an article about sleeping cycle and it got me wondering how come I can look really good or really bad after a night of sleep without really changing my sleeping hours.. So I decided to read some stuff on the internet and besides the general advices on how to have a healthy sleep I found out that there is a sleeping cycle in equivalent of 90 minutes during which two important chemicals are working to repair the body and if a person wakes up in the middle of a cycle, he feels drowsiness and confusion.

So to get the most out of each sleeping session, it is important to calculate your sleeping time in these cycles. If the cycle is 90 minutes then the following timetable should let me feel rested and full of energy when I wake up  :

Bedtime 11:00 – Wake time 6:30, 8:00, 9:30

Bedtime 11:30 – Wake time 7:00, 8:30, 10:00

Bedtime 12:00 – Wake time 7:30, 9:00, 10:30

This time table calculates my sleeping time to be either 7.5 or 8.5 or 9.5 hours which is funny because an adult’s standard amount of sleeping time is always considered to be 8 hours…If you calculate your sleep in sleeping cycles, there is no way it is healthy to sleep exactly 8 hours. You will end up waking up in the middle of a sleeping chemical’s work which will make you feel drowsy and tired.

The other interesting facts about healthy sleep:

1. Wearing socks will help your legs from cooling down and waking you up;

2. Complete darkness is SO important for the right work of sleeping chemicals. If you go to the toilet in the middle of the night and turn on the light, the whole night’s work of those chemicals can be eliminated in one second;

3. Loud alarm clocks are really bad for health;

4. Don’t use your bed for any other activities besides sleep, hence no working or watching TV in bed;

5. Eating small portions of food 5-6 times a day is better than 3 times a day not only for sleep but for general health condition because long hours without food lowers the level of your blood sugar;

6. Avoid eating refined sugar and sugar-made sweets as it makes your blood sugar rise and then fall down again in a short period of time. Fruits and natural sugar will keep your blood sugar in a moderate condition throughout the night;

7. 20 minutes of calm state like meditation or other light exercises can help forget the excitement of the day and prepare body for sleep.

I’m going to try sleeping in cycles for two weeks and see if my body adjusts it’s bio clock to the rythm and if I’m going to feel and look better. Wish me luck! ^-^