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While preparing for my Japanese proficiency test I read an article about sleeping cycle and it got me wondering how come I can look really good or really bad after a night of sleep without really changing my sleeping hours.. So I decided to read some stuff on the internet and besides the general advices on how to have a healthy sleep I found out that there is a sleeping cycle in equivalent of 90 minutes during which two important chemicals are working to repair the body and if a person wakes up in the middle of a cycle, he feels drowsiness and confusion.

So to get the most out of each sleeping session, it is important to calculate your sleeping time in these cycles. If the cycle is 90 minutes then the following timetable should let me feel rested and full of energy when I wake up  :

Bedtime 11:00 – Wake time 6:30, 8:00, 9:30

Bedtime 11:30 – Wake time 7:00, 8:30, 10:00

Bedtime 12:00 – Wake time 7:30, 9:00, 10:30

This time table calculates my sleeping time to be either 7.5 or 8.5 or 9.5 hours which is funny because an adult’s standard amount of sleeping time is always considered to be 8 hours…If you calculate your sleep in sleeping cycles, there is no way it is healthy to sleep exactly 8 hours. You will end up waking up in the middle of a sleeping chemical’s work which will make you feel drowsy and tired.

The other interesting facts about healthy sleep:

1. Wearing socks will help your legs from cooling down and waking you up;

2. Complete darkness is SO important for the right work of sleeping chemicals. If you go to the toilet in the middle of the night and turn on the light, the whole night’s work of those chemicals can be eliminated in one second;

3. Loud alarm clocks are really bad for health;

4. Don’t use your bed for any other activities besides sleep, hence no working or watching TV in bed;

5. Eating small portions of food 5-6 times a day is better than 3 times a day not only for sleep but for general health condition because long hours without food lowers the level of your blood sugar;

6. Avoid eating refined sugar and sugar-made sweets as it makes your blood sugar rise and then fall down again in a short period of time. Fruits and natural sugar will keep your blood sugar in a moderate condition throughout the night;

7. 20 minutes of calm state like meditation or other light exercises can help forget the excitement of the day and prepare body for sleep.

I’m going to try sleeping in cycles for two weeks and see if my body adjusts it’s bio clock to the rythm and if I’m going to feel and look better. Wish me luck! ^-^

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  1. GenioDelDub #

    Good luck !
    Very important issue you’ve published
    thanks for these advices ! just ” If you go to the toilet in the middle of the night and turn on the light ” i’m thinking it is little bit difficult for guys lol

    January 15, 2009

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