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Gorjana jewelry

Sunburst earrings

I’m in love with Gorjana’s jewelry because A. It’s silver or silver-plated and therefore doesn’t hurt my ears B. It’s light and therefore doesn’t hurt my ears and C. It’s simple and gorgeous at the same time, yay! The only downturn is the quality of metal…My first pair of earrings broke within 1 week because the hook part was too soft and broke under pressure… Well yeah, I kept them in my throw-everywhere-hazardous bag for a week so I can close my eyes on that one…^-^

Anyway the designer herself is an ex-model from Yugoslavia so she really knows what she is doing. Her jewelry is worn by many celebrities including the ones that are on my candids watchlist. I also spotted a pair of her eyedrop earrings on Vanessa in Gossip girl yesterday.

Kensington bracelet

Now I’m after Kensington cufflink bracelet. It’s so pretty I wanna cry. If only could accept free international delivery policy at last and let me have it at it’s normal price and not double that I usually pay for international delivery and import….I wrote to them yesterday and all the could say “We would think about that”…

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