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New patriarch of Moscow and All Russia

Metropolitan Kirill

Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad finally became the 16th patriarch of Moscow and All Russia! Yay!!

I’m very excited because I’m really fond of him and his active work and his wisdom and logical thinking and the fact that he is so down to earth and close to people.  I met him once, last year when he came to Tokyo to congratulate Daniel (Japanese metropolitan) with his 70th birthday.  Kirill participated in the Sunday service and communion and then stood there with the cross till all the people kissed it. Usually Daniel stays for a couple of minutes and then passes the cross to the lower rank priest. However Kirill stood there till the end and gave icons to all of us.

I’ve been watching his saturday morning talk show for a long time and even though he sometimes show the stubborn side of his character especially upon certain topics, I really learn a lot from him and his guidance really help me become a better person.  He is also very young and energetic so it’s going to be very exciting to watch his work and all the good things he is going to do for Russian church.

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  1. Emmanuel Chanel #

    Happy New Year! Wish you had had Merry Christmas on 7 Jan. Well… probably, you forgot me, though.(And I didn’t keep in touch with you, neither.)
    I found a Japanese article about this:
    なんと支持率1位は日本人 ロシア正教・総主教のオンライン人気投票で異変 (2009年01月22日(Thu) コンスタンチン・サルキソフ)(“To be surprised, the most voted was Japanese. Surprising Incident on the online popularity vote of Russian Patriarch”)
    I know that the Orthodox Church in Japan is Russian Orthodox. But no Japanese would expect that a Japanese will be elected Patriarch. People on the article estimate that both the church’s behavior deleting some votes and the online votes itself are problematic.
    Anyway, congratulations!

    January 29, 2009
  2. The most voted was metropolitan Kirill and Japanese metropolitan was voted as the most popular among internet users. As you may know civilians cannot vote for a Patriarch, only members of Orthodox church have such right. Not to diminish the respect that I have for Japanese metropolitan, his popularity on the internet has nothing to do with his work. Anime and Japanese culture geeks decided to go through such vote just because metropolitan is Japanese, to support Japan and all they love about it. I just thought you should know that there was no fault in the voting process and that article you read is a simple gossip. ^-^

    January 30, 2009
  3. Emmanuel Chanel #

    Yes, that’s a gossip. I agree that. It was just about the popularity vote, as the title says. Sorry if you felt bad about that.

    January 30, 2009

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