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Busting metabolism

My skinny Korean friend once told me that she has weird metbolism, everything she eats, gets burned right away. There isn’t any excess fat on her body and she looks great. It made me wondering if there are any ways that can trigger my metabolism to work faster and burn calories instead of storing them as fat.

As far as my research shows, there is only one main and efficient way to boost the metabolism : eat small amounts of food 3-6 times a day as opposed to conventional 2-3 times a day because body considers lack of food in the organism as a food stress and starts to store the fat and burns less calories to protect itself.

Here are some other factors that can influence the metabolism :

1. Eating breakfast is essential. Milk and whole grain cereal for breakfast gives a good trigger to metabolism because of calcium and fiber;

2. Eating fish can lower the level of leptin – hormone that can slow down the metabolic process;

3. Eating meat, chicken and turkey. Protein food takes longer to digest so the body uses more energy;

4. Green tea and hot peppers increase the heart rate which causes body to use more energy and burn calories faster;

5. And of course exercises can increase the metabolic rate so walking and simple squat exercise is a good way to introduce physical activity into a daily routine without going to the gym.

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