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Levi’s x Nylon party at La Fabrique


La Fabrique is famous for hosting fashion related events so Iit was no surprise when Gow told me the Levi’s party that we were invited to was going to be held there. 5 years ago I did Joe’s jeans promotion there and last week it was Levi’s jeans. I got a sweet pair of Angelita skinny dark denim jeans to showcase them at the party. The easiest job ever – just wear jeans and party. If only I could do it again and again. ^-^


The event itself was poorly organized or better yet organized in a sort of traditional Japanese corporate gathering style. It was brought together by a team from Nylon magazine and I guess they have a lot to learn about creating the right mood for the party with good music and performance instead of ” and now we would like to introduce you to our stylist, director, creative director, DJ and so on”. We were very bored and as a result bitchy through the official opening. Then the party got started and I saw lots of crazy styled Japanese girls with Chanel over the American apparel spandex leotards, a few gays with crazy dance moves and a very few foreign guys wih their Japanese girlfriends – all in all quite ok for someone who is not looking for a romantic encounter. hehe


We immediately got drunk to blur out all the imperfections and had fun the rest of the evening!

Strawberry fields forever

Me with strawberry

8th March is an international woman’s day and a big holiday in Russia. We gals get lots of attention on this day and lots and lots of flowers mostly mimosa as a symbol of spring and new beginnings. My fiance gave me beautiful mimosa flowers and took me to Yamanashi to “ichigo gari” – strawberry fields to pick the berries and eat right from the bush.


He knows well where my heart is. Strawberry is one of few things that make my life really worth living. I eat it almost every day and at that particular trip I managed to eat 102 strawberries. I’m really not bragging here.  Fruits and veggies are my essentials. I can go without meat or fish for weeks but I really can’t live without fruits or veggies. That’s all I eat when I have a freedom to choose my meal. There’s just so much joy in all that juicy and sweet low calorie treats. I would never exchange a basket of strawberry on a ton of ice cream or cheese cake, no way!


After strawberry fields we went to Suntory whiskey factory to test 12 year old white whiskey and see how it’s being made. It was actually very interesting. They believe that a good whiskey needs a very pure and natural environment like forest and a music like the sound of wind and birds. So they located the factory in the heart of a mountain forest and got all sorts of birds to sing lullabies to the drink. hehe The place was very organic and peaceful. I got 12 year old bottle for my brother. It got several awards on the international market and was even featured in “Lost in translation” movie.


Le Qualite shooting

A few weeks ago Gow got me a job modeling for Le Qualite look book. The concept was very me – a spring innocent fairy with a dark side hidden behind her reflection. The idea was to shoot two images – one light and bubbly and the other one dark and earthy and then combine them into one as if I and my evil twin were touching each other’s hands through a mirror. The hair and makeup were crazy! I had 8cm long nail extensions and hair that became a part of my costume. My second look – a dark forest creature had me wear a very heavy wig with dirt and spiderweb on it. I looked really scary and probably did scare a couple of people on my way from dressing room to a photo studio. I really got into a character with the second look and I can’t wait to see the pictures. They are not ready yet but I got this one snapshot of my first bubbly rainbow look that I took with my stylist and concept creator Hiroki.

Me and Hiroki

And here are the final pictures that I could get my hands on. ^-^

I passed JLPT, level 2


Yay me! I scored 317 out of 400 which is pretty good considering the fact that I totally ran out of time by the end of the test and didn’t finish last 20 questions..Now I officially have no excuse for my bad Japanese..でも合格してよかった!試験のため勉強してきた漢字や文法は今でも毎日本当に役に立っている。全部ではないけどやっと日本語を読めるようになった。これからも漢字を引き続き頑張ります。^−^Now I have to practice, practice, practice not to forget what I have learned and to learn even more. I really want one day to just open Japanese book and read everything I see. It would be so much easier and quicker to learn the language if I could read everything, every last damn kanji. For now I only know about 700 which is only half of what is required…Hopefully I won’t be lazy this year and continue to study. ^-^