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I passed JLPT, level 2


Yay me! I scored 317 out of 400 which is pretty good considering the fact that I totally ran out of time by the end of the test and didn’t finish last 20 questions..Now I officially have no excuse for my bad Japanese..でも合格してよかった!試験のため勉強してきた漢字や文法は今でも毎日本当に役に立っている。全部ではないけどやっと日本語を読めるようになった。これからも漢字を引き続き頑張ります。^−^Now I have to practice, practice, practice not to forget what I have learned and to learn even more. I really want one day to just open Japanese book and read everything I see. It would be so much easier and quicker to learn the language if I could read everything, every last damn kanji. For now I only know about 700 which is only half of what is required…Hopefully I won’t be lazy this year and continue to study. ^-^

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