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Good girl gone bad


Two weeks ago me and Hiro were talking and came up with an idea to shoot something in ruins. Without any particular project in mind or time to prepare and do research, we found some Tokyo ruins on the internet and went for a shoot. The ruins turned out to be recently renovated public library with only outside walls still remaining in their rustic old state. So we decided to shoot our concept against that one wall.


Our idea was to portray a good girl who rebeled and ran away from her family to be independent but then became unsure of what she wanted. My image in mind was Jenny from Gossip girl. I didn’t have much time to prepare for the shoot in terms of styling and getting into the character but we could make couple of nice pictures. ^-^


Hanami at Gyoen park Shinjuku

Sakura at Gyoen

It was pre-sakura week. Only few trees were blossoming but the weather was perfect and crowds with professional cameras have not yet hit the park so we could enjoy a nice stroll in the sun, Magnolia scent and a rare opportunity to gather up on a saturday afternoon.

Magnolia blossoms

It was my first time to meet Yogi. He came from Okinawa to visit our mutual friends in Tokyo. He was very friendly but shy and because Vincent was in our company we could hardly talk, as always Vincent did all the talking. ^-^ That’s one of his charms.

Yogi, me and Vincent

We walked all the way to the French gardens and then spend all afternoon in La Boheme.

Laura and me at Gyoen

Louise joined us later to spice up our discussion with her cute little French jokes. It was also my first time to meet her but I’ve heard a lot about her from Laura. She is sooo interesting, playing violin and dancing ballet and her birthday is on 29th of February so she had only like 8 birthdays so far. In Russia, if you are born on 29th of February you are registered either as 28th of February or 1st of March – never on 29th because in Russia we think of a year that has 29th of February as unlucky year. ^-^ Fortunately Yogi gave us all little “omamori” – little bags of salt that are believed to have protective powers in Okinawa.

Now sakura is in full blossom. Last weekend I went to watch it at Yanaka bochi – cemetery in Ueno. More about it in the next entry. ^-^

Alex and Chloe


Alex and Chloe is a little upcoming French brand that I’m falling in love with. I found out about them a little late and unfortunately can’t get my hands on “Coco is dead” necklace that is already totally sold out. However I am still on time to buy “Bledding Paris” tshirt that is so simple but so cool. Can’t wait to receive it and can’t wait to see their new designs that are coming at the end of may. This is the brand to watch!