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Good girl gone bad


Two weeks ago me and Hiro were talking and came up with an idea to shoot something in ruins. Without any particular project in mind or time to prepare and do research, we found some Tokyo ruins on the internet and went for a shoot. The ruins turned out to be recently renovated public library with only outside walls still remaining in their rustic old state. So we decided to shoot our concept against that one wall.


Our idea was to portray a good girl who rebeled and ran away from her family to be independent but then became unsure of what she wanted. My image in mind was Jenny from Gossip girl. I didn’t have much time to prepare for the shoot in terms of styling and getting into the character but we could make couple of nice pictures. ^-^


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  1. ナタリアさん いつも 写真やコメントありがとうございます
    日本語検定 おめでとう!
    317点 素晴らしいです!


    April 9, 2009
  2. what is with all the gossip girl references these days? seriously, your not the only one. never the less, i loved the idea. keep up the great work.

    Peace and <3

    April 9, 2009
  3. Gossip girl is a bitchy version of OC but the fashion is great! It showcases many new designers. That’s how I found Alex and Chloe.

    April 9, 2009

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